WWE Rumors: Major Character Changes Coming For Becky Lynch On 'SmackDown'

WWE officials made some huge changes to the Women's division on both Raw and SmackDown, but there could be some major changes coming to one of SmackDown's top babyfaces. Over the past few weeks, WWE officials have moved Alexa Bliss and Mickie James to Raw. Charlotte Flair was moved to SmackDown Live, and Tamina Snuka finally made her anticipated return to WWE programming for "the blue brand" as well.

Aside from roster changes made by WWE officials, new battle lines have been drawn and new alliances have been formed. Naomi is establishing herself as a fighting SmackDown Women's Champion. Simultaneously, Carmella, Natalya, and Tamina Snuka have formed a new trio established dominance during Charlotte and Naomi's title match this week on SmackDown, which has created some new questions that need answers.

With new players coming in and a potential babyface turn coming for Charlotte, the balance of the Women's division on SmackDown is off balance. There is some speculation about more character changes coming for other women in the division, which could include a huge heel turn for one of the fans' favorite performers.

Charlotte Natalya Carmella and Tamina Snuka Are All of SmackDown to Make their Mark
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As of this writing, Carmella, Natalya, and Tamina Snuka are aligned and are the heels of the division. Becky Lynch, Naomi, and potentially Charlotte are the babyfaces. In all likelihood, a huge match between the heels and the babyfaces will happen at WWE Backlash next month. Afterward, there will most likely be some big changes as Charlotte reestablishes herself as a face on SmackDown, which will impact the rest of the roster.

It has been reported that WWE is planning to push Charlotte as the top female babyface on SmackDown for the foreseeable future. That seems like a logical way to book the division on "the blue brand," but there is a lack of heels for her to work with after WWE Backlash. She's already feuded with Natalya, Carmella doesn't seem ready for that kind of feud, and Tamina doesn't have the momentum to challenge Charlotte in a feud.

On paper, that means WWE officials will likely bring someone in like Asuka down the line or turn someone else who is already on SmackDown. It's being rumored that Becky Lynch could be undergoing a heel turn at some point over the next couple of months to set up a huge rivalry with Charlotte heading into the summer.

Becky Lynch Has Reprimanded For Using a Bad Term During Talking Smack
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In the past, Becky Lynch has been open to the idea of turning heel. She hasn't been a heel since her days as a part of NXT. She played the role well, but the fans recognized her talent, and she's a more natural babyface as a performer. However, The Lass Kicker turning heel may be one of the most interesting storylines on "the blue brand" depending on how WWE fans embrace Charlotte as the top female babyface on SmackDown.

On paper, Charlotte and Becky Lynch feuding into WWE Summerslam sounds like a great idea. How WWE officials present the latter as a heel is important as well because she's been featured as a likable, goofy, and fun personality on WWE programming since debuting on the main roster. WWE officials would likely need to change her music, attire, attitude, and her overall persona to make the heel turn work with WWE fans.

It's unlikely that Lynch will win the feud over Charlotte no matter how long it lasts on SmackDown, but she will have more to do whenever their conflict is done. Eventually, Nikki Bella will return, and their dynamic could make for an entertaining feud. Naomi is still getting over as a stronger babyface, so she could use a bit of help from Lynch as well. The truth is Becky has been directionless as a character over recent months. A heel turn could give her new direction, a change in persona, and allow her to do better work in the ring.

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