Bizarre UFO Speculation Erupts Online After NASA’s STEREO Satellite Captures Alleged Mysterious ‘Blue Sphere’ Zooming Past The Sun [Debunked]

Online UFO forums are abuzz with excited speculation about an alleged huge and mysterious “blue sphere” UFO captured on November 17 by cameras on board one of NASA’s STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) satellites. The alleged “blue sphere” UFO was reportedly spotted zooming across the face of the Sun.

Wild conspiracy theory speculation about the nature of the alleged massive blue sphere UFO moving across the face of the Sun was generated partly by the fact that the image was uploaded to NASA’s Stereo Science Center website without accompanying explanation of the nature of the phenomenon it documented.

[Note: The image taken on November 17, 2016 may be viewed here on NASA’s Stereo Science Center website: select “Ahead HI1” view.]

But another page on the website reveals that the image is an example of a “corrupted image” of the Sun that occurs when, “on rare occasions,” the STEREO image processor becomes “overloaded.”

The overloading, according to NASA, occurs due to over exposure.

“On rare occasions, the SECCHI image processor on board STEREO becomes overloaded, and produces corrupted images,” NASA explains. “Because the images from the Heliospheric Imager (HI) telescopes are built up from a large number of exposures added together, this sometimes results in ‘double exposures,’ where data from several telescopes appear in the same image.”

However, when the strange-looking image was first uploaded to Facebook by user Pamela Johnson, it went viral very quickly after several UFO conspiracy theory sources claimed that it shows a massive blue sphere UFO passing in front of the Sun. Conspiracy theorists ignored explanations offered by some skeptics that the appearance of the Sun in the image could have been an artifact of the telescope’s optics.

UFO enthusiasts rejected the “image artifact” theory, arguing that the photographic evidence of the presence of a mysterious and massive physical object moving in front of the Sun was undeniable because the large spherical object comes into view very clearly and thus could not be an image artifact or an incidental flaw.


When Johnson uploaded the image to Facebook, she explained that several frames of the feed covering about two days, from November 15 to November 16, were missing in NASA’s archives.

The image showing the alleged “UFO” passing in front of the Sun was taken on November 17.

The “massive blue sphere” was also missing “mysteriously” from images taken after November 17.

Sharing her thoughts about the strange image on Facebook, Johnson claimed bizarrely that she was able to determine, after consulting her “divining rods,” that the object was “one of the Blue Spheres.”

She then reassured her Facebook followers “not to fear.”

“I have just consulted my Divining Rods and they indicate this is one of the Blue Spheres and not to fear.”

STEREO satellite
NASA's STEREO spacecraft [Image by NASA/Public Domain/Wikimedia]

Johnson’s bizarre Facebook comments sparked wild conspiracy theory speculation on social media and on multiple UFO forums, with many arguing that the images missing from November 15 to 16 suggest that NASA might have released the November 17 image showing the mysterious “Blue Sphere” UFO unintentionally.

But having been caught pants down hiding UFO evidence as part of an alleged cover-up policy, the agency, according to conspiracy theorists, was now hunkering down, hoping to ride out the storm by keeping silent.

According to UFO hunters, the object was likely a giant extraterrestrial or interdimensional spacecraft exploring our solar system.

“Whether the object is one of the giant extraterrestrial or interdimensional spacecraft, which are accessing our solar system, using the Sun as a Stargate or an unknown celestial body like the famed planet Nibiru, it is clear what happened on the 17th was not the result of an equipment failure,” UFO Sightings Hotspot speculated fancifully.

UFO conspiracy theorists suggested that several frames of the feed might have gone missing because the object — whatever it was — had disturbed NASA’s satellite physically, causing it to malfunction temporarily. But by the time the satellite started functioning normally again the massive UFO had moved away.

Others suggested that it was a holographic image projected under the mythical Project Blue Beam, a popular conspiracy theory speculation that claims that government is using NASA to develop state-of-the-art holographic projection technology as part of a fantastically sinister plot to facilitate world take-over by the legendarily evil New World Order (NOW) global elites.

“It looks like something is projecting this image in space… hallographic (sic) perhaps or project blue beam.”

Debates that raged online about the nature of the mysterious “blue sphere” object reflected bewilderment and confusion about an unfamiliar phenomenon.

“I have downloaded the images from SECCHI HI1 and this is strange. This ‘anomaly’ can only be seen on images from 11.17. But there are [several missing frames] both before and after its appearance,” a YouTube user commented.

“It certainly does look exceptional and I’m stumped. I’d say rouge planet, but we don’t see it moving and then it’s gone.”

Planet Nibiru
Some conspiracy theorists suggested that the mysterious blue sphere was planet Nibiru approaching Earth [Image by Marc Ward/Shutterstock]

Some conspiracy theorists argued that the object was not something to be concerned about because NASA would never have allowed the image to be published if it was a UFO or the mythical planet Nibiru.

“If you ask me, NASA would never be so careless to allow something like this to reach the public,” a viewer commented.

“If it were a big deal the pictures would never see the light of day.”

NASA’s STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) mission consists of twin spacecraft launched into orbit around the Sun in 2006 to capture stereoscopic solar images and related phenomena, such as flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

[Featured Image by NASA/Public Domain/Wikimedia]