Hairstyles And Makeup Options For Your ‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Trainer

At Pokemon Sun and Moon, it’s not just about catching ’em all anymore. Now, it’s also about being your very best, like no one ever was–inside and outside.

Character customization has become a key element in most games. In fact, gone are the days when you’re forced to play the static male character, never having the option to choose your own gender or shirt color.

Pokemon Sun and Moon has come to turn for the better with various new features added to the all-too-familiar Pokemon gameplay that we all learned to love over the course of the franchise’s life. Following the welcome addition of cute Pokemon trainer outfits in 2013’s Pokemon X and Y,Pokemon Sun and Moon has also made hairstyle and makeup changes possible, iDigitalTimes reports.

Like most games offering character customization, there are already a handful of choices available when you boot up Pokemon Sun and Moon. At the start, you can choose among four preset character appearances: a) pale skin, blond hair, and light blue eyes; b) fair skin, black hair, and gray eyes; c) dark skin, brown hair, and brown eyes; or d) darker skin, black hair, and brown eyes.

As you go along Pokemon Sun and Moon, you’ll encounter your first salon at Hau’oli City, next door to the apparel shop (the place where Lillie stops you to give you the Lens Case and Makeup Bag). For 5,000 Pokemon dollars, you get to have your hair cut and colored. For 4,000 Pokemon dollars, you can have a decent haircut. For 2,000 Pokemon dollars, you can get your hair color changed.

There are seven different female hairstyles and three different bangs options to mix and match in Pokemon Sun and Moon. For the females, you can choose among the following hairstyles: chin-length bob, short and bobbed (perfect for the hot weather), cornrow braid (cool and pop), medium and wavy (for that dainty look), romantic tuck (even daintier), long and wavy, and the ever classic long and straight. Mix these up with the sideswept bangs, straight bangs, or bangs unavailable to simulate your perfect Pokemon Sun and Moon trainer, or even create a reflection of your IRL self.

The caveat, however, is you don’t get to sneak a peak at how your trainer will look like before the makeover is done. So if you’re itching to try all the possible combinations to choose which hairstyle and color works best for your Pokemon Sun and Moon trainer, then it’s going to be very expensive.

Good thing, our fellow Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers at Reddit have already compiled all the possible hairstyle and bangs combinations to help you be the best and most beautiful trainer in the Alolan region.

Here are all the hairstyle variations you can get for your trainer on Pokemon Sun and Moon.



To make things even more interesting, you can choose between seven different hair colors: black, honey blond, dark brown, ash brown, caramel blond, platinum blond, and pink brown. Pair it with a nice hat and you’re good to go.

With more choices come greater responsibility (probably?). The era of self-consciousness and vanity has now penetrated Pokemon Sun and Moon and female trainers can also now get access to a myriad of contact lens and lipstick colors. Contact lens colors include: hazel, gray, green, blue (for that wispy anime look), black, yellow, and brown. If you’re feeling a tad bit fancier, too, you can put on some lipstick and choose between: none, nude pink, coral orange, bright pink, summer red, deep burgundy, and icy blue.

If you’re curious how it looks like, here are all the hair colors, contact lens colors, and lipstick colors available on Pokemon Sun and Moon.


If you’re done worrying over which lipstick color goes with your new platinum bob, then you can now worry about the more important stuff and maybe start building your ultimate Pokemon Sun and Moon team.

Let us know which Pokemon Sun and Moon hairstyle and color is your favorite below. Don your new look and don’t let Alolan Dugtrio’s fab hair outshine you.

[Featured Image by The Pokemon Company]