‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ Spoilers: Eviction Takes Place, Week 8 ‘BBOTT’ HOH Crowned, America’s Final Care Package Delivered, Jason Expresses Hate For Shelby In Vitriolic Rant

The past few days in the Big Brother: Over the Top (BBOTT) house have been exciting and tumultuous, with live feeds capturing it all. A houseguest has been sent home, a new Head of Household (HOH) was crowned, the very last America’s Care Package was given to one cast member, and Jason Roy decided to verbally bash Shelby Stockton to extreme excess for most of Saturday.

On November 16, the weekly episode of BBOTT streamed on CBS All Access, and cast member Danielle Lickey was evicted at the end of it. An hour or so later, the Week 8 HOH competition was streamed live and entailed questions about the game and subsequent balancing on poles.

Ultimately, Morgan Willett was successful and won the title of HOH.

On Friday, the final BBOTT America’s Care Package was dropped into the Big Brother backyard, and it was no surprise who received it. Because every other houseguest except Justin Duncan had already been given a care package by viewers, he was the only cast member eligible to receive it.

Although this particular care package guaranteed Justin a spot in the final four, to be granted this advantage, he was required to complete a task given by Big Brother. Big Brother Network reports that Justin had to take part in a challenge for which he was given only two hours to practice. The task entailed traversing a “slackline” from one large mat to another without falling. Justin only had to complete this challenge once but was given just one chance to do it.

According to Big Brother Network, on Friday at about 4:45 p.m. BBOTT house time, Justin successfully completed this task and is now in the final four.

With Morgan winning HOH this week, it is certain she won’t be nominating her only alliance member left in the BBOTT house, Shelby, for eviction. Justin is safe because of his care package advantage, so Jason and Kryssie Ridolfi will be sitting on the chopping block.

This seems to have gotten to Jason in a major way, and on Saturday, he was heard on live feeds being extra vitriolic regarding Shelby. He used indisputably crude and offensive terms when speaking of her and even brought her family into the mix.

At around 3:59 p.m., Jason and Kryssie Ridolfi could be seen folding towels and complaining about Shelby and Morgan. Jason was irked the two women were not helping with laundry and personally attacked Shelby saying, “She actually dates people,” noting he was astonished men want to “sleep with her.” He then went on to ask Kryssie, “What the f*** is wrong with men in L.A.?” Jason then crudely stated, “Her vagina has more… users than the subway…”

Joker’s Updates reports that Jason continued with his attack on Shelby at about 4:02 p.m., stating, “I might just s*** in her [Shelby’s] broccoli.” Justin joked, yelling, “I think you should,” but then qualified his statement with, “I really don’t think you should…”

A few hours later, Jason went on with his Shelby rant, and at around 6:29 p.m. on live feeds, Jason exclaimed, “I’m seriously going to arson the f*** out of the bungalow after this… I’m burning the entire hotel to the ground.” Kryssie laughed and said, “It sounds awfully excessive.” Jason explained he’s tired of Shelby’s “snarky a**” comments, noting she was “in line” for a few weeks and now she’s been “out of line” so he needs to put her back where she came from.

He called Shelby’s BBOTT friends “trash,” adding that she only liked them because she’s a “f****** trash bag.” Jason became annoyed because he felt as though Shelby was purposely not talking to him, so he decided it was appropriate to label her the “C” word on live feeds at about 6:33 p.m.

While continuing to fold towels, Jason noted that if after BBOTT ends he discovers Shelby is loved by the public, he’s leaving social media, adding, “I’m leaving the BB streets…”

Not long after that diatribe, Jason said of Shelby at about 6:36 p.m., “B****, I will drag your family’s name to dirt. Your mother will be filing restraining orders against me,” according to Joker’s Updates.

Then, at about 7:12 p.m. he said on live feeds, “I need to calm down. Those girls’ presence just pi**es me off at this point.” Justin tried to console him by saying he can empathize and knows what it’s like to be around people he dislikes.

Jason agreed and noted BBOTT is meant to spark certain feelings but also insisted he’s at a point at which he “can’t really pretend well, noting there’s no reason for me to pretend because they don’t want to speak to him anyway. Jason continued with the following.

“They think it’s just so easy, oh, ‘F*** Jason, we’re getting him out this week, so we’re not going to speak to his a**.’ So I’m not trying to pretend with their b***** a***s… I’ll say my little piece when I vote her [Shelby’s] b**** a** out.”

Justin told Jason that if he wins the Power of Veto (POV), he will save Jason, which Jason agreed would be good. Jason noted he would make a “crazy” last speech directed at Shelby, but then changed his mind. He said he might want to evict her more (if Jason is saved, Shelby is the only houseguest to replace him on the chopping block) and finally vote to get her out of the house.

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