Charlie Sheen Speaks Out About Brooke Mueller And Sons, Writes Odd Poem

Earlier this week, the disappearance of Brooke Mueller and the two sons she shares with actor Charlie Sheen created a harrowing experience for the entire family. Even after Mueller and the boys were recovered, concerns over Brooke’s mental state kept the entire family fearing for her future. Now, as Charlie Sheen secures the safety of his sons and sees to his ex-wife’s needs, he opens up about the incident, sharing his feelings with a poem as heartfelt as it is oddly written.

Two And A Half Men Star Charlie Sheen Expresses Concern For His Twin Sons

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Brooke Mueller and her twin sons are doing well, following the disappearance that resulted in a Utah missing persons report, earlier this week. The boys, 7-year-old Bob and Max, were reported missing, after Brooke allegedly had an altercation with the children’s nanny, but Mueller and her two sons were later spotted in Salt Lake City.

Charlie Sheen was made aware of the situation by police and followed the events as they unfolded. When confronted by the media, Sheen made a statement that simply revealed that his priority was for the safety of his sons, adding that he couldn’t share anything more than that.

Later on Friday, after Mueller and the twins were recovered, Sheen was more forthcoming, as he revealed that all three were doing well.

“The (kids) are excellent, everyone is good, it could have been a lot worse. I talked to somebody right next to her,” Charlie said.

Ms. Mueller was reported to have been seen with the boys at a Salt Lake City car wash and was immediately confronted by a witness. Though police arrived late to the car wash, they tracked her to Nephi, Utah, where they took Brooke, Max, and Bob into custody. Mueller was taken to an area hospital for an evaluation.

Charlie Sheen Pens A Weird But Emotional Poem

Speaking exclusively to People, Charlie Sheen issued a statement about the disappearance and recovery of Brooke Mueller and their two sons, but Sheen’s response was unlike the usual celebrity press statement. Proving that he’s just as eccentric as ever, Mr. Sheen prepared a poem to convey his thoughts.

“In the face of a roughshod and polar moment of unsanctioned divide, sanity and certainty were restored with grace and resolve,” wrote Charlie in beginning his unusual statement.

While that first sentence seems to make sense and relates his relief that things had turned out well for all concerned, Sheen followed that up with his special poem.

“Immeasurable gratitude and love to a fellow yeoman of the apocalypse; sir Michael from that hamlet called Walters, need accept each and every Crimson palm-sting, as high fives rain upon his b—-en nobility, not just from this traveler, but from his safe and stable brood as well …,” wrote Sheen.

People expanded upon the details of the disappearance, revealing that the altercation between Charlie’s ex-wife and the boys’ nanny took place at a Salt Lake City nightclub on Tuesday. Mueller was reported to have been barefoot and behaving out of character at the time of the conflict.

Sources have said that the boys are fine, living under the care of their nanny, while Brooke is hospitalized. It was also reported that Ms. Mueller had stopped taking her medications at the time of the altercation and ensuing disappearance.

Charlie Sheen married Brooke Mueller in 2008 and the couple remained married until 2011.

Earlier this year, Charlie sought relief from the support payments he was court-ordered to pay to both Mueller and Denise Richards. Both of Sheen’s ex-wives consented to diminished payments, while he was experiencing financial hardships.

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