Zayn Malik May Be Drawing, Reading Before Possible AMA’s Win

Zayn Malik is due to win an AMA for “Best New Artist of the Year” on November 20, but there is a chance he is reading, writing, or drawing in order to relax before the event.

E! Online interviewed Gigi Hadid about hosting the 2016 AMAs and she said she voted for her boyfriend, Zayn Malik. However, when prompted about whether or not Zayn Malik will be making an appearance at the AMAs, Gigi Hadid stated “we’ll see!”

Obviously, Gigi Hadid probably did not want to put pressure on the possibility that Zayn Malik might be feeling too anxious to attend the AMAs despite the fact he might win an award. Zayn Malik’s anxiety issues are well-known to his fans, and it would not be surprising for them to hear he did not attend the AMAs.


Adding to this, on November 3, People gave a preview of a full-spread interview that Zayn Malik did with ES Magazine, and they stated that he deals with his anxiety by smoking marijuana.

Alternatively, Zayn Malik has also been known to relax in a few other ways. For instance, Spin reports on October 23 that Zayn Malik’s memoir contains a quote from his solo career producer, Malay, stating the following about him.

“[Zayn Malik is] a true artist [with] vision… [who is] always drawing, painting, or writing stuff… This is just the beginning for him… Now that he’s getting started, I can only imagine where he’s going to be in a few years.”

Glamour U.K. reported on November 1 that his memoir re-emphasized the fact that he has liked to write for awhile and might have been using it as a relaxation tool. Specifically, Zayn Malik’s autobiography is comprised of pages from a diary that he kept during his One Direction years.

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It is also no secret to Zayn Malik fans that he spends a lot of his time drawing and is a fan of comic books. Interestingly, Digital Spy reported in 2014 that Zayn Malik was the inspiration behind a character in the renovated comic book series Ghost Rider, produced by Marvel.

About using Zayn Malik as inspiration, Marvel editor Mark Paniccia said that the character’s name is Robbie Reyes. When the series was being conceptualized, Mark Paniccia told series creators Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore that the character based off of Zayn Malik was “physically strong, with a quiet, troubled expression, kind of boyish.”

Digital Spy reported in 2015 that a comic strip called The Deezer Annual, by Brian Williamson, covered Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction.

Zayn and Gigi out for a bite to eat
Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid out together in New York [Image by Star Max 2/AP Images]

While he might be drawing and focusing on comics, Zayn Malik has also talked about loving books, such as the Harry Potter series, according to The Hits Radio, and he has a special relationship with literature.

For example, an un-sourced quote commonly attributed to Zayn Malik’s early career states, “There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there’s so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.”

Regardless, it appears that Zayn Malik is spending more time reading books these days that reflect his tastes as an adult. For example, on Instagram, Zayn Malik published a photo of a stack of books.

Among them were Tommy Hilfiger’s book, American Dreamer. Other books in Zayn Malik’s stack included Eminem’s The Way I Am, along with a book from former Take That boy band member, Robbie Williams, called Somebody Someday.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deadpool, John Urbano, and Marvel comics are the subject of Zayn Malik’s other books in his Instagram photo. Long-time fans of Zayn Malik might remember that John Urbano is the photographer that filmed One Direction’s video “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Naturally, it makes sense that Zayn Malik would be reading autobiographies written by Robbie Williams and Eminem because he released his own memoir about his music career on November 1.


Although Zayn Malik wants all of his fans to read his book, it appears that Zayn might have already returned the favor sometime in the past.

For example, if a fan wrote about Zayn Malik in One Direction fan fiction, there is a chance that he read it. On Wattpad, Zayn Malik wrote that he found some of the stories by One Direction fans published on that website about him to be somewhat “unnerving.”


While Zayn Malik might be disturbed by fan fiction, he is definitely a fan of Zquad fan art. On his Twitter account, before the AMAs, Zayn Malik spent most of the week retweeting fan art of himself.

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