Samsung Galaxy Note II Coming To AT&T Wireless On November 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note II will make its official debut at AT&T Wireless on November 9. The large sized smartphone will be available online and in stores.

Samsung has priced the device at $299 with a two-year voice and data contract. AT&T Wireless plans to launch a pre-order page for the phablet (cross between phone and tablet), on Thursday, October 25.

For the premium $300 price buyers receive a 5.5-inch display alongside 4G LTE capabilities. If you have been following the style S Pen friendly device since the first release you know the display is now 0.2-inches larger than the previous Galaxy Note model.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is also no slouch in the processing department with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor that shows off Google Android 4.1 via the devices Super AMOLED touchscreen display.

AT&T Wireless also plans to continue offering the Samsung Galaxy Note for $199.

The Galaxy Note II will be a late arrival for AT&T as the device prepares for its October 25 release at Sprint Wireless. The Sprint offering will be the first from a US wireless carrier.

Other wireless companies in the United States are expected to start offering the Note II “sometime” in November, although no firm release dates have been specified.

The success of the larger sized device could be a big win for Samsung, the company recently announced that it was phasing out its display production for Apple. Samsung claims that Apple’s product demands were too stringent and therefore not worth its effort.

Are you ready to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note II?