Kylie Jenner Shares Raunchy Photos As She Starts New Instagram Account For Mystery Shop

Whoa there, Kylie Jenner. The 19-year-old shared some racy photos on Instagram this weekend that left more questions than answers. She started by posting a black-and-white photo wearing a lace bra which showed her nipple on Friday. She followed the post with another photo in the bra, but this time giving fans a full-body view.

Jenner is seen smoking a cigarette as she lounges in the lace bra and thigh-high stockings. It’s by far the most risque photoshoot she’s published yet. In each photo, Kylie has the simple caption “@thekylieshop” tagged. So, just what is this new “Kylie Shop” fans are wondering?

It appears to be a new line of intimates by Kylie, judging from the shop’s Instagram account. A quick check of the website also leaves much to the imagination as the site only shows a countdown to what is assumed to be the launch day.

The account features only photos of Kylie wearing bras and panties as the mystery continues to lure in followers. In just the one day since going live, the account has over 260,000 followers and is only following one person — Kylie Jenner, of course. Despite the lack of information surrounding the site, people are already excited in anticipation of what’s to come, whatever it may be.

Comments on the Instagram photos show just how ready people are for the launch of the shop nobody saw coming.

“You got me going broke for real.”

While other commenters are making guesses as to what merchandise The Kylie Shop will offer.


And if that didn’t prove how eager fans are to spend money on yet another Jenner product, people are saying they don’t care if the panties do have Kylie’s name on them.

“I’m fully prepared to walk around with Kylie’s name on my underwear idgaf.”

Perez Hilton covered the launch of Kylie’s newest venture, saying the youngest Jenner sister didn’t divulge much information besides the Instagram posts. Perez was at a loss while trying to guess what The Kylie Shop has in store as well, but assumes it will be something sexy, according to the released photos.

“We can only assume it will be very seXXXy whatever it is!”

Indeed, it seems Kylie does have something very sexy coming very soon, according to the Kylie Shop website. While fans anxiously await the launch in 20 days, they can always check out some of Kylie’s other fashions and cosmetic products.

Kylie recently released information on her highly-anticipated holiday collection, which will be available on November 21. The young mogul added everything from new matte lip kits, to a brand new Kyshadow palette, to her already successful cosmetics line. Of course, Jenner is also the face behind several fashion lines as well.

She and older sister Kendall Jenner are behind the line Kendall and Kylie, which is sold at the likes of Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. The sisters also have a line sold at Pac Sun, which targets teens. However, these lines didn’t generate as much hype as that surrounding the secret Kylie Shop.

The secrecy even has major fashion outlet Cosmopolitan wondering just what Jenner is up to with her latest tease.

“Maybe she’s selling lacy underwear like the ones in her photos. Or maybe it will be some sort of sexy jewelry line.”

Cosmo took its best guess at what Jenner has in store for fans as well, but one thing for sure is that it’s going to be totally different from her current lines. Fans will be eagerly checking Jenner’s Instagram account for updates relating to The Kylie Shop as the countdown continues. Stay tuned.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]