‘Pokemon Go’ Version 1.17.0 And 0.47.1 Released: What The Update Includes And Reactions

Niantic released the Pokemon Go version 0.47.1 and 1.17.0 updates for gamers recently. The latest installments don’t feature any groundbreaking features, but will help clean up gameplay for fans of the hit mobile game, which involves capturing various characters around the map. There is one glitch that was addressed in addition to other minor fixes that were made.

On Friday, the Heavy website reported that two updates were released for the game for the two mobile platforms. The 0.47.1 version is on Android mobile devices, while the 1.17.0 is for iOS devices. As they mention, there aren’t any major features that were given away with this particular update. Those are likely to come in the next few weeks as a bigger update is on the way.

Pokemon Go update includes animation fix
The new Pokemon Go update includes an animation glitch cleaned up. [Image by Getty Images]

One aspect of the game that was cleaned up with these updates was an “egg-hatching” issue. As Niantic mentions in their patch release notes, “the Egg-hatching cutscene animation would sometimes be briefly visible from the map view.” So that particular glitch has now been patched up for anyone playing the game. In addition, they noted that there were “minor text fixes” done with these new releases.

With the gaming company’s mention of the new updates that are available, it always brings some interesting reaction via the world wide web. As expected, there are gamers still interested in getting one particular new feature.


A good number of Twitter users responding to the Pokemon Go tweet are asking for that very feature. The good news might be, according to various sources including an online leak, is that a huge update may be coming on December 7. The leak indicated a huge marketing push for what may be dubbed “Pokemon Go 2.” It’s unknown if this massive update will include the tracking feature everyone wants, but there’s speculation that maybe the Pokemon Trading system will finally be unveiled at that time. The Gen 2 monsters rollout seems a bit less likely to happen, though.


The leak was first revealed on Reddit, with a Starbucks employee allegedly talking of the marketing efforts coming up. However, the leaked information has yet to be confirmed or even proven true that it came from a Starbucks employee. It also features Pokemon misspelled as “Pokeman” several times, leading to further doubts.

One thing is certain. Right now it seems that Niantic and the game’s creators are in need of a way to boost the popularity of the game once again. It rose to major heights back in the summer as the game had millions of downloads and was taking over streets just about everywhere in the United States. Now, the mobile app which was once No. 1 on the iTunes App Store charts, has fallen out of the top 50 free apps available at the store.

Pokemon Go craze hit New York City in the summer
Pokemon Go craze has seemed to level off in recent months. [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

With that said, fans of Pokemon Go could very well be busy as a newer game is available featuring the popular Pokemon theme. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were both recently released. As Ars Technica noted in their review, the newest games are great for newbies or longtime fans of the series, as it features new Pokemon adventures and is easy for newer players to pick up.

The new games for the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system currently rank as the top two best sellers for all video games listed at the Amazon website and are likely to be popular titles for the holiday season. With many retailers offering discounts on the 3DS, and the titles listed amongst the “Most Wished For” items at Amazon, it seems many Pokemon fans may be receiving these titles right around the time of the massive Pokemon Go update. Whether they return to play the mobile game that everyone loved this summer will remain to be seen.

[Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]