WWE News: Bill Goldberg Reveals His True Feelings About Roman Reigns

Bill Goldberg took part in the Bischoff on Wrestling podcast with host Eric Bischoff and the discussion between the two men went in the direction of Roman Reigns and the fan reaction to him at WWE televised events. While a lot of the podcast was about Goldberg and his time in WCW and the WWE, the two men talked about the differences between crowds at shows today.

When it comes to the crowd's chants and attempts to hijack shows, Goldberg said that it was interesting because fans are very different now than they used to be. Goldberg pointed out that WWE fans today like to act like they want everyone to look at them and get so loud it is deafening, especially around people like Roman Reigns.

It was interesting on the night after WrestleMania 33 where Roman Reigns and Bill Goldberg dealt with the crowd in two different ways. Roman Reigns opened Monday Night Raw that night by coming out and just letting the crowd boo him loudly for 10 minutes before playing it off and telling them this was his yard now and walking out.

WWE News: Bill Goldberg Reveals His True Feelings About Roman Reigns
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Unlike Roman Reigns, Goldberg did not appear on Monday Night Raw, but came out for a special moment after it went off the air. In a WWE Network special presentation, Goldberg came out to thank the fans and his family for the last year and basically told the fans to be respectful because he was speaking from the heart, which shut them up quickly.

"When I went out there... you always have an alternative worst case scenario for what you're going to say and if you don't you're not prepared."
When it comes to Roman Reigns, Goldberg said that he is shocked that the fans treat him as badly as they do. Goldberg said that Roman Reigns is very similar to The Rock physically. He also said that Roman Reigns is a "good guy" and he "oozes talent and oozes star quality" as well. According to Goldberg, the fan's disdain for Roman Reigns is "completely misguided."

Eric Bischoff agreed with the talent of Roman Reigns and Bishoff said that he still thinks that Roman Reigns will end up being the biggest star on the entire WWE roster one day. However, Bischoff believes that the fans who want to see a Roman Reigns heel turn are right.

Roman Reigns himself has said that he doesn't care if the fans cheer or boo him. He said as long as they are making noise and having fun then he is doing his job. He also said that there is no reason to turn him heel and he should just go out and do what he wants and let the fans choose whatever side they want to be on.

WWE News: Bill Goldberg Reveals His True Feelings About Roman Reigns
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The WWE, on the other hand, are looking at more financial implications of a Roman Reigns heel turn. Now that John Cena is a part-time star, Roman Reigns is the number one merchandise seller on the entire full-time WWE roster. In the past, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, and AJ Styles have come close to catching up with John Cena but none came close.

The WWE kept John Cena as a face for the last decade and that is mostly because of his popularity with the kids, his merchandise sales, and his work in charity. John Cena has given more Make-a-Wish appearances than any other celebrity, regardless of where they work.

Roman Reigns does not have nearly the amount of charity appearances as John Cena, but the WWE might want to position him in that role one day. As a result, the fans might continue to hijack his appearances and refuse to support him, but the WWE will probably continue to push him as their biggest star no matter what the vocal fans think.

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