Nicki Minaj Has A Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage, Deftly Avoids Nip Slip With Pasties [Photo]

Always be prepared! Nicki Minaj had an Emma Watson moment during a performance on Sunday, nearly flashing her bare breasts to an audience in the UK. Luckily, Minaj came prepared, and strategically placed pasties prevented the singer from letting it all hang out.

The American Idol judge suffered a wardrobe malfunction over the weekend, exposing her breasts to a Manchester crowd during the UK leg of her Pink Friday: Reloaded tour, reports HollywoodLife.

Now, Nicki is no stranger to accidental exposure, having suffered a nip slip during a Good Morning America gig last year, according to E!Online. The singer apparently learned her lesson, as she seemed a but more prepared for the Manchester show. Surely enough, as her breasts began to wiggle their way out of her black bustier while she belted out her most popular hits, the crowd was denied an eye-full of Nicki’s breasts thanks to the pasties covering them up and concealing them from prying eyes.

For her part, Minaj didn’t seem terribly phased by the wardrobe malfunction. Of course she wasn’t, she was probably backstage trying on the costume thinking “My girls are going to fly right out of this thing” which is why she pastied-up. She did address the wardrobe malfunction later in the show, however, saying to the crowd:

“You guys have seen my boobs before,” playing the wardrobe malfunction off. “You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

Our lips are sealed. We’re just glad you’re in the news for any reason other than the feud between you and Mariah Carey, which is totally not staged for ratings whatsoever.

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