WWE News: WWE World Champion AJ Styles Says Kevin Owens’ Universal Title Is A Woman’s Title

WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles has been killing it on WWE SmackDown Live while WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens has done the same on WWE RAW, but Styles won’t let Owens forget who has the real World Championship in the WWE. Many have been against the Universal Title since it debuted this past summer. RAW needed a World Title and clearly, they needed to bring something out that would top SmackDown Live.

However, all they really did was add a red strap to what looked like the WWE World Championship. Literally, it was as if WWE added ketchup to the World Title and clearly fans let them have it. The title has grown on us, and now fans are okay with it, but at the beginning, it was seen as kinda weird. The Brooklyn crowd at WWE SummerSlam did give the match between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins any love seemingly because of the way the title looked.

SmackDown Live is now the rival of RAW, so they continue to bash the championship while fans have backed off. However, this is WWE Survivor Series time and the teams are going head to head. That means brand bashing needs to happen and there was no better thing to go after than the red brand’s top prize. Obviously, the person who claims to hold the “real” title in WWE had to be the one who took the shot at the title.

SD Live faces off with RAW
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The WWE happened to be in Spain recently, which meant AJ Styles had to do some media in the area. Obviously, WWE Superstars of all kinds were present and part of the interviews and action, but Styles made press when he claimed some interesting things about Kevin Owens and the WWE Universal Championship that fans may agree with up to a point, especially if you lean more toward the blue brand. He told a reporter mentioned recent comments made by Styles where he referred to KO’s title as a Women’s Title. Styles defended the comments, saying the following.

“Does it not look like the women’s title? Looks like the women’s title to me. My championship doesn’t look like the women’s title, looks like the world championship title.”

The interviewer then asked AJ Styles about Kevin Owens calling him a rookie, he responded to that by saying this.

“Kevin Owens was in diapers when I was wrestling. So to say that I’m a rookie, eh, I don’t know about that. Let’s be honest, I don’t need ‘my little mentor’ or whatever it is, that Triple H is, to beat the guy for me. To win a championship. Nope, I did that all my own. I found a way to win on my own, I didn’t daddy Triple H to do it for me.”

Kevin Owens Triple H
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AJ Styles does bring up a lot of good points, but mostly about the Triple H situation. This is also interesting to hear that KO called Styles a rookie when Owens made it clear that he was doing well around the world, then made it clear he was working in WWE NXT when he arrived on the main roster. He seemingly hated being called a rookie because he didn’t work with WWE yet as if to say he never wrestled before WWE.

Regarding the Triple H situation, Styles did have to win his championship. Whether or not he cheated to do so is another story for another time. However, he was the only one involved in his match. Triple H had to hit the pedigree on Roman Reigns then on Seth Rollins to help Kevin Owens take home the WWE Universal Title. That does make KO a guy that people look at as a paper champion.

At the very least, AJ Styles did win his title in a one on one match without any outside interference…especially by the boss. Obviously, cheating is not cool, kids, but to be fair to AJ, he makes a good point about Kevin Owens needing help to win a lot. The question is, will AJ Styles manage to make Kevin Owens eat all that he has said about him at WWE Survivor Series this Sunday or will KO do this against Styles and his partners from SmackDown Live?

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