Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas In Sibling Rivalry? It’s Not What You Think

Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas are often compared when it comes to their music careers and their shirtless selfies. There is no denying that both of these former JoBros grew up to become handsome men.

The DNCE front man wasn’t shy about complimenting his little brother’s abs. Joe Jonas spoke to Access Hollywood on Nick Jonas’ incredible washboard abs, which is seen on the recent cover of Men’s Fitness. Joe and his band sat down for an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans to talk about everything from Nick’s abs to the band’s self-titled debut album, DNCE, which is out now.

Joe had nothing but praise for his little brother. “He’s killing it. I’m happy for him. That’s amazing,” he said when asked who wins the ab-off between him and his brother.

Joe Jonas and his DNCE band members had to bring their A-game to their upcoming tour. They even enlisted the help of a personal trainer, according to Entertainment Tonight. Joe took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down for an interview with the outlet in New York City earlier this week.

“She works us really hard, I mean, when we have free time because obviously our times are really short, but we try to get it in,” Joe said. “I think for all of us, we run around like maniacs onstage and that alone is probably our cardio – enough to kind of get us in that shape – but, yeah, I definitely, obviously upped it up a bunch.”

Joe recently showed off his incredible abs and fit physique in the band’s “Body Moves” music video, which includes scenes of Joe getting cozy with Baywatch actress Charlotte McKinney. It wasn’t hard to for any of the band mates to strip and get sexy in the music video.

“‘Body Moves’ was very easy to shoot because all we had to do was party and get a little sexy with a bunch of beautiful people and hang out, so it was the easiest video probably ever shot,” bassist and keyboardist Cole Whittle joked. “The song’s kind of a voyeuristic view of just two people, or, you know, a connection where you don’t care what the world’s thinking or seeing.”

“Once we listened to the song a bunch of times, we just kind of knew that the video we had to be, like Cole said, wild, crazy, sexy,” Jonas added. “We just let loose and we [wanted] it to be kind of like that mentality that you’re in that moment.”

Though Jonas and his band have been working out hard, they still indulge every so often. While visiting the Big Apple, DNCE made sure to have one of their favorite cheat meals.

“Every day is cheat day for me,” joked guitarist JinJoo Lee. Meanwhile, Joe admitted that he likes to have “beer [and] pizza.”

Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas did have an ab-off earlier on this month. The famous brothers have been showing off their chiseled bodies on social media, according to E! News. Nick shared a shirtless selfie in the mirror on Thursday, Nov. 3, including the caption, “Play hard. Work harder.” Two days prior, the “Chains” singer showed fans on Snapchat what a typical “chest day” entails.

Joe and Nick Jonas Shirtless
[Photo Courtesy of Nick and Joe Jonas/Snapchat]

Joe showed off his back muscles in a photo shared in his Instagram Story a few weeks ago while he was in Chicago. He also took to Snapchat to share this shirtless selfie, along with the caption, “Photoshootin. Behind the scenes (SIC).”

Like Joe, Nick tries to find the time to work out no matter where he is in the world.

“You’ve got to get creative on the road,” he previously said on the Honda Civic Tour: Future Now Diary’s sixth episode. “There are a lot of different scenarios you can be in where you don’t have the tools you usually have. Thankfully, I do a lot of different styles of training, where it’s boxing…or actually hitting the weight room.”

There is no sibling rivalry between these producers. Just tons of brotherly love and support for each other’s music and chiseled bodies.

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[Featured image by David Becker/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas]