Kendall Jenner: How Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Convinced ‘KUWTK’ Star To Delete Account

Kendall Jenner has quit Instagram and it seems as if Kim Kardashian may have had something to do with it.

Following endless backlash from her recent Vogue magazine shoot, where Jenner sported a ballerina costume, the 21-year-old decided to take a much-needed break from social media, having put up with death threats from those who felt the featured spread was distasteful.

Twitter users, in particular, blasted the model for trying to be a ballerina in the Vogue photoshoot, forgetting that Kendall Jenner did not organize the actual costumes and direction of the editorial spread, executives behind the fashion brand did.

But instead of trying to explain the fact that she’s usually never told what theme the magazine is going for prior to one’s arrival on set, Kendall Jenner felt the need to clear her mind and take a break from social media, having allowed the negative comments to really affect her.

It’s alleged that Kim Kardashian actually helped Kendall make the decision to take some off from posting photos and sharing updates with fans on the likes of Twitter and Instagram.

The Kardashians, who arguably built their brand through social media, have taken different approaches concerning how and when they post updates, following the events that took place with Kim in France last month, Us Weekly reports.

Kim Kardashian, who is very much still on her own social media break, made the move to distance herself from the networking apps after being confronted by a group of masked men, who reportedly held her at gunpoint and demanded all of her personal belongings.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim told Kendall Jenner that making the move to take a step back from Instagram isn’t such a bad idea. It’s healthy, if anything. Having relied on social media so much in recent years, taking a break for even just a month has been an eye-opener for Kim, who has found herself enjoying life so much more without being attached to her phone all the time.

Kim thinks that Kendall will feel the same way now that she’s convinced her to give it a try.

“Kendall [Jenner] talked to Kim [Kardashian] about her break from social media and got advice from her big sister on her Instagram account. Kim told Kendall to pull the plug on the haters,” a source revealed to the outlet.

“Kendall saw how Kim’s break from social helped her alleviate stress and anxiety in her life. Kim has been able to decompress from a lot of the negative energy and bullies online, which has always been an issue for Kendall.”

The source concluded by stressing that Kendall Jenner is a tough individual in the Kardashian household, but even she finds herself hitting her breaking point with comments made by people who simply criticize her for everything that she does.

It comes to a point where one has enough, the source added. Kendall Jenner is taking Kim’s advice and is more than curious to see whether her decision to quit Instagram could potentially be a permanent one.

“As much as Kendall tries to avoid the negative comments online, it still affects her, which is why she decided the break was a good idea. Kendall figured if it was okay for Kim and Justin Bieber to do it than she could give it a try to.”

Kendall Jenner can currently be seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians every Sunday on the E! network.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions]