WWE News: WWE May Be Planning For The Undertaker To Win The WWE World Championship One Last Time

The Undertaker made his return at WWE SmackDown Live’s 900th episode this past Tuesday and claimed he was back, so does that mean he’s going after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? It appears that this could eventually happen. Obviously, he made a major threat to the blue brand’s WWE Survivor Series’ men’s team regarding the event. He claimed that they should not fear failure, but they should fear The Deadman.

It has already been rumored that due to what he said, SmackDown Live will lose in the men’s five-on-five match this Sunday. The current plan is for someone to cost the team the win, most likely someone on the blue brand. Whether this person is in the match on Sunday or not is yet to be known, but it does appear The Undertaker will enter a program with that person.

It has been rumored that WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles will cost his team the win, despite being the team captain. As far as odds for the match goes, the Las Vegas odds have many of the traditional matches too close to call. This means WWE has done a great job with trying to cover up any sort of obvious point that would give WWE RAW or SmackDown Live the edge in the storyline before the event begins.

Undertaker Shane McMahon
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However, Taker is supposed to go after the person who costs the blue brand the win so we should have an idea who will win the main match. The idea is that it will be Styles who costs the team the win because he really is the only person who has never taken on Undertaker and knows how his threats work. It is rumored that WWE will treat the situation pretty simply. AJ Styles was other places and had not worked with WWE long enough to know much about how Undertaker operates.

Interestingly, he is the only man on the SmackDown Live Survivor Series team that has not worked with Undertaker before. Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and even Shane McMahon all worked with him at WrestleMania events. Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose did so on WWE SmackDown once. Undertaker specifically asked to work with Ambrose that night over the other Shield members he could have worked with.

This is supposed to be Undertaker’s last run with WWE. That said, the company is throwing around a lot of ideas. According to Ringside News, WWE is potentially going to put the WWE World Title on him. He and AJ Styles are set to have a match relatively soon regardless at The Royal Rumble PPV. This means Styles would put his title on the line.

John Cena supposedly would return and end up challenging Undertaker for the title at WrestleMania 33 to hopefully win his 16th World Championship. This would be a great idea match wise, but a bad idea for Undertaker to end his career. Undertaker’s last match does seem to be happening at WrestleMania 33, so why in the world would WWE have him lose in his final event? Yes, it would be to help a current star in John Cena. However, Cena isn’t beating Ric Flair’s record at this point, he would only tie it. Why would they have Undertaker lose just for Cena to “tie” Flair’s record?

Undertaker John Cena
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While of course things could change before the event, it does seem like WWE is wanting to have John Cena take on The Undertaker. The question is, will they put the WWE World Title on the line during the match? It is rumored that he will put his career on the line in either the WWE Title match or during WrestleMania 33 itself. This would be quite interesting to see.

While it is still in the rumor stages, having The Undertaker win the WWE World Title does sound like a good plan. However, having him lose it in his final match on the grandest stage of them all would suck to see. Plus, why have John Cena challenge for the title and then lose at WrestleMania either? There really is no good way to make the WWE World Title work in this context.

That said, let AJ Styles hold onto it through WrestleMania 33 and have him drop it to John Cena later in the year. This would give him a long reign and Cena can do something with it. This way, Cena gets his 16th and eventual 17th World Title and we get the match with The Undertaker.

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