UFO Sightings During Supermoon Proof That We Are Not Alone? Alien Hunters Think So

This year’s supermoon, which was the biggest in 70 years, was unique in more ways than one. While the lunar event was compelling on its own, a couple of notable strange sightings reported during the event have managed to get UFO hunters across the world quite excited. The sightings, one seemingly showing a UFO crawling across the Moon’s surface and another appearing to show two objects zooming across the sky, have attracted the interest of skeptics and UFO aficionados alike.

The first sighting, taken from Surprise, Arizona, featured two objects that passed through the Moon on November 12. Uploaded by Rondomon, a YouTube user, the brief video clip showed two unusual objects seemingly shooting up to the sky, moving across a part of the Moon in the process. Due to video being focused on the Moon, however, the objects were out of focus. Nevertheless, they were noticeable and strange.

The video has so far attracted more than 500k views on YouTube, with both UFO supporters and critics weighing in on what the objects might be. While there are some who admitted that the sightings were indeed quite strange, the vast majority of the commenters in the video were skeptical, with many stating that the objects were simply helium balloons that happened to pass by the Moon on that night.

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While the video’s uploader did admit that the strange objects that were captured by his camera could easily be a balloon or even a leaf being blown by the wind, Rondomon did assure his viewers that the objects have also been spotted by the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Thus while the objects could simply be something mundane and man-made, it is quite notable that an observatory from another state recorded a similar sighting.

“I did receive a comment from someone at Griffith observatory in LA, that they saw the same thing last Saturday nite. The balloons never crossed my mind as I have been recording for about six years and never saw one. I live in a community without children, so balloons are rare, and almost never at night, but it is still possible it may be balloons, but no businesses nearby, just a freeway, so don’t know where they would come from.”

With the AZ sighting still open for speculation, yet another UFO was captured and uploaded by YouTube user Misterio Canal. Unlike the AZ sighting, however, this other footage appeared to show a mysterious object that was not simply passing by the Moon. Instead, it seemed to show a strange craft was flying very close to the Moon’s surface.

Unsurprisingly, the video attracted the attention of UFO skeptics as well, with critics quick to point out that the object in the footage was nothing but CGI. Notable UFO hunters, however, beg to differ. Scott C. Waring, the editor of UFO Sightings Daily, stated that he is convinced that the footage of the mysterious object was legitimate, even remarking that he is quite sure that the circular craft was manned by intelligent extraterrestrial life.

UFOs have captured the interest of many for decades, and they would most likely continue to do so for years to come.
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“This UFO is making a shadow on the moon’s surface, which is proof that the UFO is flying over the Moon and its(sic) not in orbit around Earth. When you add light to it the dark UFO stands out more and has a triangle on its top. This is a great video and surly(sic) the fact that it was a Supermoon, meaning the moon was closer at this moment in time than normally, made it possible to spot this UFO so well. Compared to the surface of the Moon, this UFO had to have been about 2-5 km across or more.”

While the legitimacy of these two UFO sightings during this month’s supermoon event would most likely never be verified, they do provide a pretty interesting anecdote on what might really lie beyond the confines of the Earth. The existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life might not have been confirmed by NASA or any other government organizations to date, but the sheer number of unexplained sightings and other extraterrestrial phenomena is astounding. One can only hope that soon, the truth behind UFO sightings, including those that were recorded during this year’s supermoon event, would be definitively revealed.

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