November 18, 2016
Nicole Kidman Flirts With Jimmy Fallon, As Keith Urban Looks On

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban couldn't be a more perfect couple if they tried, but that doesn't mean they're above having a good laugh, as Nicole proved with her latest guest appearance on The Tonight Show. Kidman's Thursday night return to The Tonight Show brought back memories of a past visit, when Nicole confessed to having had a crush on Jimmy Fallon, and as Fallon and Kidman relived the memory, it led to an awkward moment made that much more unsettling by the surprise appearance of Keith Urban.

The Tonight Show Sets The Stage For A Seduction Gone Wrong

Billboard reveals that Nicole Kidman's 2015 visit with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show presented her with an opportunity to admit that she had a crush on the late night talk show host. As Nicole again brought up those old feelings, Jimmy seemed a little taken aback, urging Ms. Kidman to let the past stay buried. He suggested that both he and Kidman have moved on, so there was no reason to dig up old feelings.

As Nicole and Jimmy moved forward with the interview, The Tonight Show host seemed distracted, possibly mulling over the missed opportunity, while "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright played in the background, enhancing those thoughts of a missed romance.

Meanwhile, Kidman brought up another missed opportunity. While attending a party at the home of director David Fincher, Kidman revealed that she noticed Jimmy Fallon, but added that The Tonight Show's host still declined to make his move. Naturally, Kidman says she assumed Fallon had no interest in her.

As if that wasn't awkward enough, Nicole's husband, country music sensation Keith Urban, soon joined the pair out on stage. As Urban joined Kidman and Fallon on stage, he played "Dream Weaver" on his acoustic guitar, stirring up even more shame for Jimmy Fallon. Both Urban and Kidman seemed to enjoy teasing The Tonight Show host, as he grew more flustered by the moment.

Lion Star Nicole Kidman Says Family Always Comes First

While it might not have been obvious by that interview with Jimmy Fallon, Nicole Kidman was out promoting her latest project, Lion. In an interview with Women's Day, Nicole shares her feelings about separating her personal life from her career in ways that place greater importance on being a wife and a mother, even though films like Lion do hold a place in her heart, as far as allowing her to express her creativity. For Kidman, everything has its place.

Nicole says that achieving a balance with husband Keith Urban and their kids is no easy task, and that it requires regular family meetings. The big events have to be planned out well in advance, says Kidman, otherwise they might miss a play or a sporting event. Nicole adds that she and Keith make involvement in their children's activities a high priority.

By way of giving an example, Kidman recounted having to place her family's happiness above taking on a project in which she would have loved to have been involved.

"Primarily, it was about whether I was going to do Photograph 51 (which was a play I did in London) and whether I could take that to New York and do it," Ms. Kidman recalls. "Both my kids said no. And my husband said, 'I hope not' [laughs]."

Nicole says that sometimes the feelings of Urban and their kids have to take top consideration, which is a sacrifice she chooses to make for herself.

"That's the life of an actress who ultimately prioritizes family because that's what's going to happen at times," said Kidman. "I would have loved to have done [Photograph 51] on Broadway, but I love my husband and kids more."

Lion hits theaters on November 25.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]