‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’s’ Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae of ‘Miss A’: Will They Ever Get Married?

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae are one of the most famous Hallyu celebrity couples working today. They’re known for being the most compatible kdrama celebrity pairings and have fans all over the world.

Although they seem like a match made in heaven, there’s one thing that seems to be plaguing their relationship at every turn: rumors, especially rumors that they plan to get married.

So today, we want to examine the rumor reports that have been swirling around in the media to see if we can figure out whether Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho are married or plan to wed in the future.


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The Lee Min Ho/Suzy Bae Rumor Report

There have been many times that the media has claimed that Legend Of The Blue Sea star, Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae of Miss A were either engaged or already married.

Most recently, there were “reports” in the media which stated that Suzy Bae could be pregnant and that this was speeding up their future walk down the aisle. There was also some speculation than Lee and Suzy planned to wed before Lee did his compulsory military service.

These claims have never been publicly addressed by either Suzy Bae or Lee Min Ho, which is a clue that they are more than likely false.

How Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae Met

Much of the Lee Min Ho/Suzy Bae relationship is shrouded in a bit of mystery.Even the way that they met is unclear. Many assume they met through friends or through work. A story on Koreaboo unearthed a rumor that Min Ho pursued Suzy relentlessly in an effort to meet her and start a romantic relationship.

“Lee Min Ho always had a thing for Suzy and wanted to meet her through some mutual friends. But Suzy’s side respectfully denied the request,”said a source of insider info quoted by Koreaboo.

“Lee Min Ho is reported to have continued to approach her continuously in personal terms. Like the saying ‘there are no trees that will not fall after hitting it 10 times with an axe,’ and they became couples from an oppa and dongseng relationship. Even during their dates, Suzy had a hard time not trying to get exposed to the public.”

According to the source Suzy is very private when it comes to her personal life because she is responsible for taking care of her family. So, she doesn’t want any scandals to come out that would shame her relatives. The may be one of the reason why there’s so little information or pictures allowing fans to get additional insight into the Lee Min Ho/Suzy Bae relationship. Lee is private person as well.

According to Koreaboo’s source of alleged insider info, Min Ho was very angry when the news of their relationship was revealed in the press.

“I heard he hated Dispatch for following them around from Seoul, Paris and London. It is said that he felt really bad at the time the story broke out,” the source claimed.

So will they or won’t they?

If the rumors of Lee Min Ho’s intense feelings for Suzy Bae are to be believed then there’s a good chance that they could get married in the future. But the two Hallyu stars are so good at keeping their private lives private that they’d probably wed in secret. Fans and the media would never know until after the fact.

Only time will tell. For now, fans can see Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun star in The Legend Of The Blue Sea, a k-drama that is truly making waves among Hallyu lovers. The show, which debuted last week has garnered impressive ratings so far among its competitors.

According to Yibada, Lee Min Ho’s new drama was viewed by 16.4 percent of the audience for its time slot, an impressive feat especially when you consider that two other Korean dramas premiered on the same night.

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