Get Registered To Vote In Your State: Here’s How To Get A Last-Minute Voter Registration

If you want to get registered to vote after last night’s third and final Obama/Romney debate, you are not alone.

Searches for those who wish to get registered to vote are trending this morning as November 6 looms large on the horizon. And whether you are planning to vote for Obama or Romney or to write in a candidate like Gary Johnson, it’s very important to get a move on and learn how to register to vote in your state if you wish to cast a ballot in the General Election next month.

To get registered to vote, there are two things to know first and foremost. One is that online registration is iffy at best. In my jurisdiction, a signature is required to validate voter registration, and it’s best to register to vote in person to avoid delays.

The second thing to know before you get registered to vote is that you may already be registered. So calm down, and head on over to to check your voter registration.

In New York, you are directed to the state’s voter registration check, where entering your name as it appears on your drivers’ license, as well as your date of birth and zip code, reveals an existing voter registration as well as up to the minute polling place information.

Got that? Good. So do you still need to get registered to vote?

In that case, the next step to register to vote is to click here and scroll down to your state to discover voter registration deadlines. Many states and the District of Columbia allow for same-day registration, but, even if that’s permitted in your jurisdiction, it’s best not to rely on same-day voter registration if you can avoid it.

Did you get registered to vote on the web? How did you manage the process?