'One Piece' Chapter 864: Who Broke Mother Caramel's Picture? Will Big Mom React As Predicted?

The wait for One Piece Chapter 864 manga is a bit longer this time. There will be no new chapter for the hit manga series this week because there is no Weekly Shonen Jump in observance of Japan's Golden Week Holidays.

But the absence of a One Piece 864 release has not dampened fans' enthusiasm on what the upcoming installment could bring. Fans are pretty busy offering various speculations on how Big Mom would react now that Mother Caramel's picture was already broken in Chapter 863. To refresh fans' memory, here is a brief summary of the exciting events that transpired in the previous chapter.

Luffy's Mistake

Luffy's plan at providing the diversion worked flawlessly. Using a mirror placed inside the wedding cake, an army of Luffy clones emerged from the cake. These are actually just various forest creatures made to look like the Straw Hat captain with the help of Brulee's magic.

The Luffy army had the exact effect Capone Bege had hoped for — they distracted everyone's attention, especially Big Mom, who was beyond mad with the destruction they caused to the elaborate wedding cake.

Thus, the Yonko demanded the real Luffy to reveal himself. Bege chuckled at the thought that Big Mom must be dumb. Surely, Luffy will not reveal himself now that they have the advantage of surprise, at least not before he managed to break Mother Caramel's picture. To Bege's surprise, however, the real Luffy announced where he was exactly, confident that he could reach the picture before being intercepted.

Dogtooth Intercepts Real Luffy

But it was not as easy as he hoped. True to Bege's apprehensions regarding Dogtooth's special ability and its potential to ruin their plan, the Big Mom Pirates commander intercepted the real Luffy with his Mochi Mochi No Mi, a super sticky attack that even Luffy could not break free of. Dogtooth later explained that he foresaw that Luffy is going after the Mother Caramel picture, the Yonko's only known weakness.

Luffy's predicament forced another ally to reveal himself prematurely. Jinbe, who knows how to counter Dogtooth's super sticky attack, blasted it with his technique Sea Current Lifter, freeing the Straw Hats captain. But the move also exposed Jinbe's real position; he now openly declared himself as an enemy of Big Mom.

Jinbe Resists Big Mom's Lifespan-stealing Ability

As expected, the furious Yonko did not look kindly on any form of mutiny. Jinbe made a deal with Big Mom that she could take whatever amount of lifespan she wants from him in exchange for letting Luffy and the rest go free. However, it appears that the deal will not be taking into effect in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 864.

To everyone's surprise, including Big Mom, the Yonko can't coax even an ounce of Jinbe's soul, despite using her ability. With this incident, she is likely to lose some face and prestige among his underlings — a man has finally demonstrated that Big Mom's dreaded power to take away one's lifespan is not as absolute as previously assumed and has its limits. This will definitely make the Yonko even more dangerous as she tries to reassert her feared reputation. But, if all goes according to plan, Big Mom may not be completely incapable of launching a counterattack in the coming Chapter 864 of the One Piece manga series.

Someone Dressed As Luffy Breaks Mother Caramel Picture

The reason is simple, Big Mom would most likely be writhing in pain and belting out that dreaded shriek in the coming One Piece Chapter 864. While everyone was transfixed at the showdown between Big Mom and Jinbe, someone behind the scene finished what Luffy was supposed to do before he was intercepted by Dogtooth. Someone poorly disguised as Luffy actually broke the enigmatic Mother Caramel picture.

With that cliffhanger ending, the net is abuzz with various speculations on who could have broken Mother Caramel's picture. While fans might have wondered on the identity of the character, it is just too hard to speculate at this point. It could be anyone who has a stake in Big Mom's demise and could be one of the Vinsmokes, Big Mom's underling in charge of the library prison named Opera, or even a character yet to be introduced to the manga's plot.

The previous chapter spawned lively discussions on the net, with numerous speculations on what could happen in the coming Chapter 864 of the One Piece manga series. While fans are hopeful that everything proceeds as Bege had planned, most are actually bracing themselves for the possibility that the plan could still go awry.

In the MangaHelpers forum, there is an ongoing poll where fans can vote on how Bege's plan to assassinate Big Mom could be ruined. Apparently, 66 percent of those who voted actually believed that breaking Mother Caramel's picture might trigger a totally different reaction from the Yonko.

In addition, there are those who believe that the poison-laden missiles might not hit their intended target — Big Mom. There are predictions saying that the Yonko's scream might not knock out everyone, especially Big Mom's more powerful underlings. As such, it is highly possible that Katakuri and Smoothie might be able to intercept the missiles before they hit Big Mom.

Another prediction by the Inquisitr state that the Straw Hat Pirates might just have earned a new member aside from Jinbe. After being shocked senseless by Sanji's kind words regarding her third eye and with his saving Pudding from the collapsing cake, it is highly likely the Big Mom's daughter could defect to the Straw Hats.

Fans will have to endure another week of waiting before One Piece Chapter 864 arrives. According to One Piece Podcast, the new chapter will arrive on May 8 when Weekly Shonen Jump resumes.

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