Victoria Beckham Collaborates With Target: New Women's And Children's Fashion Lines

Victoria Beckham is always looking for ways to expand her fashion line by introducing new categories in fashion and cosmetics. Popularly known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls, the well-known fashion design/singer/model first became famous when she established herself in the music industry.

She later became a prominent celebrity when she married David Beckham, the English football captain. However, Victoria Beckham always wanted to establish her own identity rather than being recognized as Mrs. David Beckham or a former member of the Spice Girls. In fact, she always wanted to be a fashion designer, so in 2008, she launched her own collection at a low-key event in a New York hotel coinciding with New York Fashion Week.

Although she only unveiled 10 dresses, the fashion community was highly impressed by her presentation, because they knew Beckham had no formal training in fashion design. It took another three years to establish herself as a reputable designer, and in 2011, Victoria Beckham launched her own line of fashion clothing. Titled Victoria by Victoria Beckham, the "Not Such an Innocent Girl" singer's fashion label enabled the former Spice Girls member to shed her image as a pop singer and become an influential fashion designer.

Since launching her own brand, Beckham has diversified into other related fashion products, and she recently joined Estee Laude in launching her own line of makeup products. Today, Victoria Beckham's label is evolving into a diverse lifestyle collection, with the designer not only launching her new collection of women's wear but also venturing into children's clothing. According to Business Wire, the fashion designer revealed that the launching of her children's line of clothing coincides with the launch of both her fashion label and her daughter's fifth birthday.

"With both the line and my daughter turning five, I felt it was the perfect time to extend into a more accessible price point and to celebrate both milestones by opening the range up to include childrenswear for the first time."

Victoria Beckham's newly launched fashion lines will cater to working women, babies, and women who choose to make a statement by adopting a minimalist approach. To promote her new products, Beckham has partnered with Target, the retail company that will promote her products both in-store and online. According to Business Wire, Victoria Beckham spoke about the important role Target will play in promoting her brand.

"Working with Target has been a really exciting process, and this partnership allows us to share the essence of Victoria, Victoria Beckham with more people than ever before."

People reported that around 200 of Beckham's new fashion products will be available in Target's stores on April 9, 2017. Beckham's products will be priced between $6 and $70, arriving in bright colors as well as soft pastel shades.

An exciting aspect of Victoria Beckham's new women's and children's wear is that because everything will be under $80, her products will be affordable for most people. According to Business Wire, Mark Tritton, Target's executive vice president, revealed his excitement about Target's collaboration with the talented designer's growing fashion brand.

"Victoria Beckham is synonymous with impeccable style, and she's known around the globe for her distinct point of view as a designer. It's been incredibly exciting to see how Victoria's brand has evolved over the years."

Fortune reports that Target has created an effective business strategy by announcing its collaboration with Victoria Beckham six months in advance, and the retailers aim to generate a buzz in the market just before their Christmas sales. Usually, the Christmas season sees Target competing with Walmart, its highly-competitive business rival, and Target executives hope that Victoria Beckham's partnership with their brand will place the retailer in customer's minds during the Christmas season.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]