November 18, 2016
Jeremy And Gary From 'Edge Of Alaska' Come To The Rescue [Spoilers]

According to TV Ruckus, on the next episode of Edge of Alaska, titled "The Cave In," Neil Darish is prepared to give his first paying tours of the Motherlode Mine after Jeremy Keller and other citizens of McCarthy failed to stop his project to build a new hotel and reopen the mine. A shocking preview that aired after the last episode left viewers stunned.

The clip shows Jeremy and his close friend, Gary Green, heading out to do some bear hunting. As Jeremy gives viewers a lesson on how to find the right bear, which involves getting a good whiff of bear scat, an emergency situation literally flies right over their heads. Both men are stunned, and after hearing a loud thump and the sound of breaking glass, they race into a clearing where a bush plane has crashed nose-first into the ground.

The residents of McCarthy, Alaska, are a hardy bunch, and living in such a beautiful but remote area has taught them how to be resourceful and how to handle a myriad of emergencies. Fortunately for the plane's occupants, Gary pilots his own plane and is always ready and willing to help anyone in need. Since he's an experienced bush pilot, he should be familiar with how to render aid. Since Gary and Jeremy are so far away from any other type of assistance, it will be up to them on this episode of Edge of Alaska to rescue those aboard the plane and provide basic medical treatment if needed.

As for Neil, the Anchorage Daily News shared that he has overspent and desperately needs more cash in order to complete the projects he and his investment partner have been working on. So far on this season of Edge of Alaska, he has already agreed to sell his beloved but crumbling lodge to Don Wolcott, and now he is determined to get paying tourists up to the mine before it's ready. Edge of Alaska reveals that further complications and setbacks could spell the end of what he is trying to achieve.

On previous seasons of Edge of Alaska, Neil has been trying to bring the small town of 42 residents into the 21st century, while many of the other inhabitants are happy to cling to the old ways. This has caused a lot of conflict and disagreements, especially with Jeremy. After almost coming to blows, the two have managed this season on Edge of Alaska to find enough common ground that they actually managed to strike a somewhat uneasy deal.

Jeremy agreed to provide Neil with freshly milled lumber for the mine so repairs can be made to the rotting infrastructure. He will make a nice profit, and as he explained earlier on Edge of Alaska, he plans to use the cash to purchase an adjacent property next to his homestead. After Neil flies him and his son, Bjorn, up to tour the mine, Jeremy is confident that Neil will never get it open for tours. Neil surprises him, however, when he learns that Neil already has tours lined up, and Jeremy meets the first couple going up to the mine.
Neil and the Motherlode Mine's owner, Ray Kreig, recently hosted a Facebook Live question-and-answer session where fans of the show could ask questions and get additional information. There were over 400 questions and comments put to the two men concerning Edge of Alaska and the mine, including the amount of copper in the mine, why the mine is so important to Neil, and how people get to the mine. They also revealed that eventually tourists will have an opportunity to find and keep pieces of copper they may find.

Jeremy Keller has to keep telling himself that his main priority is his family and their welfare, and not Neil and his plans for McCarthy. That's one reason why he went hunting with Gary, and they happened to be in the right place at the right time when the plane ran into trouble and crashed. Whether he can continue to ignore what Neil is doing remains to be seen, but he does need the money in order to expand his farm. Perhaps, in the end, the cost is just too high.

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