November 18, 2016
Kylie Jenner Reportedly Spends Millions On Tyga For Birthday, Joint Checking Account Opened

Kylie Jenner reportedly gifted her boyfriend, Tyga, millions for his 27th birthday. The reality star has also supposedly opened a joint checking account for the couple to share.

Radar Online reported that Kylie Jenner, 19, has spent millions on her soon-to-be 27-year-old rapper boyfriend, Tyga.

"This is exactly what her mom Kris told her not to do! But Kylie's brain flies out the window when it comes to Tyga and his greedy habits."

Jenner even went as far as to open a joint checking account so that Tyga could access her funds anytime he wants.

"Not everyone in the family knows about this yet, but when they do all hell's going to break loose and Kylie knows it, so she's trying to keep it a secret."

Jenner has had money problems with her rapper boyfriend in the past.

"She figured it's nobody's business but hers and Tyga's, but it looks like she's definitely going to have to learn the hard way about gold-digging men."

At one point, she even had to beg Tyga to pay back some money she had loaned him. However, Tyga insisted it was a gift, not a loan.

"He was shocked when she asked to be paid, telling her he thought the money was a gift, not a loan. He's a total loser and owes her over $2 million."

On October 18, Tyga was brought to court by California jeweler Jason Arasheben, who says the rapper owes him $200,000. Radar Online reported that Tyga suddenly fell ill during the trial and asked to go home.

However, a few days later, Tyga felt better and was taking Snapchats of some brand-new bling -- specifically, a high-end Patek Phillipe wristwatch that can cost up to six figures.

Tyga reportedly had a warrant out for his arrest in August after he failed to attend his court hearing with his landlord. The rapper's landlord sued him for nearly $500,000. Kylie also allegedly funded most of Tyga's new album, which flopped.

"Kylie had no choice but to admit it all to Kris, who absolutely hit the roof. She was always helping him, paying his legal bills when he was getting out of his record contract and she funding most of his latest album, which flopped."

Most recently, Kris Jenner has allegedly banned her daughter's boyfriend from any of the family's holiday celebrations.


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Radar Online broke the story earlier this week and reported that Kris Jenner has had enough of Tyga's shenanigans.

"Tyga pushes Kris's buttons like nobody else."

It also probably doesn't help that Tyga's baby mama and ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, recently had a baby with Kylie's half-brother, Rob Kardashian. Chyna and the newest Kardashian baby will most certainly be present at the family's holiday celebrations.

Kris apparently wants to prevent any major blowups during the holiday season, so she has decided to exclude Tyga.

"Ultimately, Kris can't really stop Tyga from turning up from time to time, but that doesn't mean she can't try. She's just not comfortable with having him around."

Kris Jenner knows that she can't control Kylie at this point, so she is trying to do what she can to make sure that the rapper doesn't cause any more problems.

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