After Glitter Poop Pills, Etsy Selling Vagina Toys For Christmas Trees

After the breathtaking innovation of pills that make your poop sparkle with glitter, Etsy has introduced vagina-shaped ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree.

Vagina ornaments, or as the creator is calling them, “vaginaments,” have become a trend this year just in time for Christmas.

The vagina-shaped bulbs are created by Etsy seller Suzanne McAleenan from Ontario, Canada, and they are woven by hand from a soft, heirloom-quality wool blend with a little metal bell stuck right in between the labia.

The creator has crafted many of these products, and they all have been categorized by different names according to their shape and size.

One might wonder if holiday shoppers will find these decorative items bizarre or unfit for the home, but the buyers from around the world are actually enjoying the products.

One of the buyers wrote on the website that he bought some of the vaginaments for himself and some as “gifts.” Another one stated that the custom made, vagina keychains are “too cute for words.”

“My [midwife] sister adores it! So much so that she’ll be ordering more, herself, soon! Suzanne is great to work with–she sent the order out quickly and personalized it just for my sister. Loved working with Suzanne!” wrote another enthusiast.

During Suzanne’s recent conversation with Cosmopolitan, she stated that just because of the vaginaments, her mortgage is now secure for the next year.

“I’m completely overwhelmed by all of the love regarding my happy little Vaginament ornaments.”

MacAleena further revealed that she also does custom pieces about five times a month for different customers who’d like to choose their own custom-made inner and outer labia, center colors, and mons.

The innovative creator is intent on making all these ornaments by herself and has tons of order at this moment.

“[My] wise friend Carrie pointed out that if the good people can wait three years for a Birkin, they can indeed wait two months for a Vaginament. I had a good giggle and chilled a bit.”

Suzanne also shared her experience with different buyers. She revealed one such incident that helped her make new friends.

“There was a lady whose best friend had just had gender reassignment surgery…she wanted to give a new Vaginament for the new vagina. I get the best stories from strangers who become friends!”

Daily Mail reported that Suzanne has been creating vagina and melons made of felt since December 2013. She initially planned to make her kids’ preschool teachers woodland animal ornaments to give them on Christmas.

“Well. Turns out I’m not so much an animal ornament maker. I never would have thought I’d end up making such things, but it’s been over a year now of successfully bringing vaginamental joy to the world,” she wrote.

Pills that make your poop glitter.

It was back in 2014 when Metro reported that a peer-to-peer e-commerce website that mainly focuses on handmade or vintage items and supplies, had introduced “Glitter Pills.” According to the website’s description, the pill was supposed to make someone’s poop sparkle. However, the item was sold with a warning that stated, “This item is not meant for consumption (sic), and is only intended (sic) for decorative purposes and are not edible, store is not responsible for any misuse of product. Keep out of reach of children.”

According to the seller, the main motive behind the Glitter Pills was not to make one’s poop glitter in the dark, but just because it “look awesome!!!” and it is a unique product that “many people simply find fascinating.”

What are your thoughts on these vagina ornaments for decorating the Christmas tree? Would you like to decorate your tree with them? Tell us in the comments below.

[Featured Image by nikkytok/Shutterstock]