Ariel Winter Says She Gets Creepy DMs From Guys On Instagram

Ariel Winter's Instagram apparently gets creeps slidin' into the DMs.

The Modern Family star and Smurfs: The Lost Village voice actress reportedly deals with her fair share of online harassment in the form of "horrible and dirty" direct messages from guys on Instagram. Winter, who frequently flaunts her body on the photo-sharing app, aims to promote a message of body positivity.

However, Ariel's bodily confidence isn't always taken the right way by some Instagram users, and she's often faced with abhorrent messages from people ogling her figure. Winter said she would often get "nasty" DMs from people on Instagram, and as a result, she no longer accepts anonymous messages on the app.

Ariel Winter poses on the red carpet.
Ariel Winter says she frequently gets creepy Instagram messages. [Image by Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP Images]

Maxim recently spoke to Ariel Winter about the creepy Instagram DMs in a new piece promoting Dog Years, the actress' upcoming movie co-starring Burt Reynolds.

"I only read DMs from people I follow -- because of the amount of gross DMs I got," Winter said in the new interview. "I would look at them and be like, this is nasty... I'm not gonna reply to this." She elaborated, "I'd get some from guys that were saying really vulgar things."

Although Ariel admitted that she can sometimes come across as a "vulgar person," she said she still doesn't appreciate the lewd remarks she was having to field from anonymous internet commenters. "I don't know you," Ariel stated, in reference to the unnamed Instagram users.


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Ariel Winter said it's "never [her] intention" to elicit lecherous Instagram DMs. "[G]row up. It's just boobs. You've seen boobs in your life before," Ariel entreated, appealing to the faceless commentators. "If boobs are distracting you from winning a game," Winter continued, "then maybe you shouldn't be... playing."

While Ariel has since risen above the impersonal Instagram din, she does concede that she was perhaps too sensitive to incognito internet comments in the past. "I definitely used to feel a lot more anxious about what I posted and what people commented," Winter declared, "and now I just really don't care."

Ariel Winter struts her stuff while arriving at the Emmys.
Ariel Winter at the Emmys. [Images by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images & Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

As previously covered by the Inquisitr, Ariel Winter doesn't shy from showing her body on Instagram. A savvy poster, Winter senses what switches to flick to get celeb sites gawking. Whether posting a sultry bikini pic, or a smooching selfie with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, Ariel Winter's Instagram posts are always exciting.

Winter's confident attitude about her body extends to the surgical scars on her breasts, the marks a result of the breast reduction operation the actress underwent in June, 2015. In a recent Self magazine spread, Ariel proudly posed topless in a sexy photo shoot that went to no trouble in obscuring the scars.

Beyond her success in television and film, Ariel now possibly has as much renown for her Instagram images as she does in other entertainment avenues. A sign of the digital era we currently inhabit, Ariel could perhaps continue solely as an Instagram star should her movie career ever go south.

After all, stars such as the Kardashians have proven Instagram to be a viable business arm of their brand, often posting promoted ads wherein the entertainer is presumably receiving a payment for the post.

Below, watch a clip of Instagram taste-maker Ariel Winter on Conan.

Are you following Ariel Winter on Instagram? What do you think of the Dog Years star's body confidence? Have you ever tried to DM Ariel on Instagram? Have you seen Smurfs: The Lost Village yet? Let us know your take on Ariel Winter in the comments section below.

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