Fidel Castro Puts Death Rumors To Rest With Pictures, Newspaper Article

Fidel Castro has proven that rumors of his death are incorrect after posting pictures and an article on Monday in Cuba’s state-run press.

The former Cuban leader accused news agencies and enemies of the country of spreading “stupidities” about him, reports NBC News.

Castro specifically named a report from a Spanish newspaper last week, which claimed that he had suffered from a massive stroke that left him in a vegetative state. Castro wrote:

“Birds of bad omen! I don’t even remember what a headache is.”

Castro’s death debunking article was published in the Communist Party’s newspaper Granna and was also accompanied by photographs of the former Cuban leader walking outside on a sunny day.

Wearing a straw had and a red plaid shirt, Fidel Castro looked very much not dead, the only physical ailment apparent was a cane he used to walk. Castro added that the photos were “proof of what liars they are.”

NPR notes that the former Cuban leader’s column also mocked the “imperialist propaganda” that is trying to kill him. He added:

“I stopped publishing my column Reflexiones because, truthfully, it’s not my role to take up pages of our press, which should be used for other things required by our country … To prove what liars they are, I gift you the pictures that accompany this article.”

Rumors of Fidel Castro’s death have plagued the former leader ever since March when he last appeared in public to welcome Pope Benedict XVI to the country. He also wrote his last newspaper article in June. As for how the former leader is spending his time out of the spotlight, Castro explained, “I like to write and I write. I like to study and I study.”