November 18, 2016
'Vikings' Spoilers: Shocking Video Teases Ragnar's Death, Will Lagertha Take Over?

With just 12 days to go before the Vikings season premiere on the History Channel, the latest Vikings spoilers suggest that this, indeed, is the long-rumored end of Ragnar, especially if the latest promotional video released by the channel is any indication of what's to come.

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read Vikings spoilers.

First, according to the latest Vikings spoilers released by Parent Herald, the History Channel's official Vikings Twitter page released a cryptic video that's titled "he seeks an end without pain," with "he," of course, referring to Ragnar. This has led fans to speculate that we will, indeed, see Ragnar die in the season premiere.

Check out the video below and see what you think.

The previous speculation by fans suggested that it was Lagertha who would meet a fateful end in the season premiere. However, Michael Hirst -- the show's creator -- has debunked that theory. He has, in fact, confirmed to the outlet that he will be bringing back Lagertha for the remainder of Season 4 and for all of Season 5. However, it remains to be seen how she will survive the siege in Paris.

In fact, the latest Vikings spoilers from iTechPost confirms that our beloved Lagertha did, indeed, survive the Paris siege. Although she received a nasty stab to the chest, for which many fans speculated that Lagertha has met her end, fans can take comfort in knowing that they'll be seeing Lagertha for at least one more season.

Unfortunately, many of the fans began emailing Hirst with their concerns, which caused Hirst to speak out in the outlet.

"There was a fan in New York who wrote to me years ago and she said, 'I don't care how many of the male characters you kill off, but if you do anything to Lagertha, you're in trouble.' So I'm very careful about that warning."

But if Ragnar dies -- and there is no question that he will; the question is simply when he will do so -- who will be his successor?

There's a bit of speculation, but if history is any indication, Ivar the Boneless will be taking over. And that's something confirmed by the latest Vikings spoilers released by Christian Today. We'll recall that when the season ended, Ragnar had gone away from Kattegat for a while, only to return many years later to find a town he didn't recognize and children that were all grown up.

We also saw that none of his sons were willing to give up the succession to the throne without a bloody fight. And given, too, that Bjorn will be having a problem crossing the Mediterranean without the help of his uncle -- who is also now the sworn enemy of the Vikings clan -- he will be in a precarious position.

On the women's side, we have Lagertha, who has proven herself to be a warrior, but Aslaug who also has the legal right to assume the power of Kattegat when Ragnar dies. However, Lagertha will still want her revenge on Aslaug for wrecking her family all those years ago. So what will happen between these two women? The season premiere will certainly reveal all!

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