November 18, 2016
'Pawn Stars' Update: Will Chumlee Get His Own Show?

It's been a while since we've seen a new episode of Pawn Stars on the History Channel, but the latest update suggests that one of our beloved favorites will get his own spinoff show soon!

According to Morning News USA's latest Pawn Stars update, the show -- which is currently filming its 13th season -- is expected to feature a lot of solo shots of Chumlee, born Austin Russell. However, as of this writing, none of Chumlee's segments have been filmed, which leads the outlet to speculate that he may have his own solo show in the works.

Chumlee has been the center of a lot of the Pawn Stars news ever since he was arrested back in March on a weapons charge. However, if Chumlee completes his required three years of probation as a result of this arrest, he will not be subjected to a felony charge upon the completion of the probationary period. And while a representative for the History Channel said that there was "no change" in Chumlee's employment status after the initial arrest was made, Chumlee did remark at the time that he was trying his best to stay on the straight and narrow path.

"I went through a lot, but I'm back on the right path. I'm working hard every day, staying close to my family … Look, Las Vegas is a fast town, and you can get caught up in – just hanging out after a late dinner at a bar can cause a person to stray from getting enough sleep or taking care of yourself."

At the time, Chumlee also hinted that he would be getting his own show after the 13th season wrapped because his bosses "finally let him off the leash."

In a previous Pawn Stars update released by the Inquisitr, fans of the show were promised to get "lots of solo Chum!" as the 13th season began filming. Fans of the show couldn't get enough of Chumlee's affable nature despite his legal foibles. And while it remains unclear if Chumlee will get his own solo show at the end of the 13th season, there is certainly enough evidence to suggest that it would do very well if it does come to pass.

Still, while we're waiting for the newest episodes of Pawn Stars to air, we can take comfort in knowing that we'll see several special guests throughout the season, according to the latest Pawn Stars update from the Morning Ledger. Soon-to-be First Son Donald Trump Jr. was seen walking into the store during his dad's campaign stop in Las Vegas, and we're sure to see some more celebrity surprises as filming continues.

For their part, Chumlee's co-workers are extremely supportive of him and promised to stand by him as he sorts through his issues. All of the cast members have shared their support for their co-worker on their respective social media pages, and they seem to really be sticking together as a family.

For his part, too, Chumlee seems to be more involved in charitable events than ever before. He's currently on a mission to help raise $5,000 to help families in need throughout the holiday season and has shared the link to the GoFundMe page on his Twitter account.

All of the proceeds that Chumlee raises from this fundraiser will go to the Children's Heart Foundation.

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[Featured Image by The History Channel]