Katy Perry Stirs More Internet Backlash With Barack Obama Diss And 'Bon Appetit' Collaboration

Katy Perry is in trouble again. This time, the "Bon Appetit" singer is the subject of online backlash, after she responded to criticism over her new hairstyle. Even those not angered by Perry and her latest remark were left confused by the implications. Katy, who was a steadfast supporter of Hillary Clinton throughout the previous presidential election, seemed to be dissing Barack Obama with her comment and aligning herself with Donald Trump. Whatever the intent of Perry's remark, it has stirred a backlash that may only get worse as news of the incident spreads.

Katy Perry Fires Back Over Hairstyle Hate and Finds Herself Accused of Racism

There's no denying Katy Perry took her love of short hair to an extreme. As Complex reports, the "Bon Appetit" singer went super short and also had it dyed platinum blonde, a style that hasn't been well received. Proving she has good humor about fan reaction to the cut, Perry herself joked about it, posting a tweet in which she compares herself to chef Guy Fieri.

It wasn't a bad likeness. Maybe Katy should have let the matter drop there, but she didn't.

Next up, Ms. Perry posted a video in which it was implied that she was taking a dig at former President Barack Obama. In reality, Katy was only expressing her thought that people don't adjust well to change.

"Aww, someone says, 'I miss your old, black hair'," Ms. Perry said in the video. "Oh, do you miss Barack Obama as well? Okay, times change. Bye."

The video lingers for a few moments and someone off camera is heard telling Katy that she's cut off, implying there's something more than green tea in the cup from which she's seen sipping.

Perhaps the "Bon Appetit" singer was a little tipsy while appearing in the Instagram Live session and the remark wasn't as clever as she thought, but the backlash growing steam on the internet may also be blowing things out of proportion.

"And she does THAT laugh that whites do when they KNOW exactly what they're saying. @katyperry you disgust me," tweeted a user going by the single name of Elizabeth.

Another user commented that Obama has more Grammys than Perry, adding that the knowledge of that was enough to alleviate her pain.

"That Katy Perry video is the perfect example of how most wypipo try to be funny," tweeted Lola, another Twitter critic.

"Bon Appetit" Earns Katy Perry Even More Internet Scorn

As if her haircut remarks weren't earning her enough hate, TMZ reports that Perry is also under fire for her "Bon Appetit" collaboration with Migos. This news comes before the new single has even been released, due to past remarks made by Migos members and for the homophobic and misogynistic remarks in some of their songs.

When an ATL rapper came out as gay, Migos' Quavo was among the first to publicly condemn the rapper.

"This world is not right," he said, in response to the announcement.

The news that Katy had chosen to collaborate with Migos is as shocking to her fans as the implication that she now supports Donald Trump, after campaigning for Hillary Clinton. What makes this latest move by Perry that much more surprising is that comes only a short time after the "Bon Appetit" singer received a National Equality Award at the Human Rights Campaign gala.

The LGBTQ community has also criticized Katy for a few of her songs, which seem to detract from their struggle for equality. Specifically, Perry has been called out for the lyrics in "I Kissed a Girl" and "Ur So Gay."

Katy Perry has not responded to the criticism over her Migos collaboration.

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