Tony Scott Had No Serious Medical Conditions At The Time Of His Death

Tony Scott had no serious medical conditions at the time of his death, according to the Los Angeles Times. Contrary to earlier reports that the Man on Fire director was suffering from cancer, a fact which may have led to his suicide, the official autopsy report states that the filmmaker was relatively healthy when he died.

“He was completely on a high — laughing and energetic,” Fox 2000 studio executive Elizabeth Gabler explained. In fact, the pair were getting ready to begin work on the director’s next project, Lucky Strike.

Although some of Tony Scott’s friends and associates said that the filmmaker had been complaining of hip and back problems in the months leading up to his death, none of them were privy to any serious medical conditions in Scott’s life. If the director had been suffering from something life-threatening, he hadn’t shared that information with those closest to him.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Scott had both the sleep aid Lunestra and the anti-depressant Mirtazapine in his system at the time of his death. The appearance of these drugs is sure to fuel speculation about the reasons behind the director’s suicide.

Scott’s family has remained tight-lipped about the death of their loved one, refusing to give any details to the media. Police reportedly interviewed members of his family after he jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in California last August, though nothing helpful was revealed. The director’s suicide may be one of Hollywood’s many unsolved mysteries.

The news of Tony Scott’s death sent shockwaves through the film industry. Tom Cruise, who worked with the director on Top Gun, was quick to issue a statement following reports of Scott’s suicide.

“Tony was my dear friend, and I will really miss him,” the actor said in a press release. “He was a creative visionary whose mark on film is immeasurable.”

Although the corner’s report officially declared Tony Scott’s death to be a suicide, the reasons for his unfortunate decision remain unclear.