iPhone 8 Design, Specs, Release Date, And Everything We Know About The 10th Anniversary iPhone

Apple's iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, hence why people are expecting to see a premium smartphone that will commemorate the occasion. The company is not one to divulge details prior to the official reveal of its devices, but word is out that three flagships will be released in 2017, including the S versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus along with the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Design

Major flagship smartphones being released this year looks to be following pattern. Like the already launched LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, the iPhone 8 is reportedly ditching the home button as well. This will allow the display to take up the whole front side of the smartphone with very minimal bezels.

The latest "leak" involves a mold for the iPhone 8. In the image above, it can be seen that the back has a provision for a vertically arranged dual-camera set-up. Other than that, there is nothing else. This suggests two things: there will be no fingerprint sensor at the back, and it will be embedded on the screen.

Another leak, this time of a case for the upcoming iPhone, corroborates the image above. The clear case below looks rather empty except for the camera hole. Again, there is no hole for a Touch ID sensor.

A leak even before shows an iPhone 8 dummy. Tipster Benjamin Geskin, as shown below, is holding a CNC model of the handset with 2.5D glass at the front and back. The sides retain the curves of the iPhone 6, 6s and 7, but it looks to be made of metal. What is evident in these images is the camera set-up as well as the lack of a sensor and a home button.
iPhone 8 Specs

The façade of the iPhone 8 will mostly be the screen, which is why it needs to look the best. According to Know Your Mobile, Apple will source 5.8-inch curved OLED displays from Samsung that has richer colors and faster refresh rates.

Also, expect the iPhone 8 to have an A11 SoC with 3GB of RAM. There will also be a bigger battery and better water resistance. Also, Apple will likely go with a Lightning port instead of the rumored USB Type-C. As for the cameras, Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone will have dual cameras at the back (as mentioned above). The one at the front will not be left behind, as 9to5Mac reports that the device will sport 3D selfie snappers.

Another intriguing feature is wireless charging, which could be much different than what Samsung currently offers in its smartphones. If rumors are true, Apple will pioneer "true" wireless charging that would allow users to charge their phones without a cable nor a dock.

iPhone 8 Release Date

Regarding the iPhone 8's release date, there are only rumors and speculations for now. The Inquisitr previously reported that the 10th anniversary iPhone would be delayed, but the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will still hit the traditional launch window.

Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage to reveal the iPhone 7
Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals the iPhone 7 [Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]

The iPhone 8 will be reportedly delayed because of some technical hurdles surround the 3D sensing technology. As such, fans can expect it to become available in October or November, just before the holiday season. Take note, though, that Apple could delay the launch further if it deems the technology incomplete. Alternatively, it could also release the iPhone 8 sans the 3D sensors so that it can offer the commemorative iPhone within its 10-year anniversary.

Either way, fans are highly expecting to be surprised when it comes out, and they are willing to wait if Apple can assure that it has perfected the tech.

What do you think? Will the iPhone 8 meet expectations?

[Featured Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]