Man’s Drone Catches Cheating Wife Of 18 Years: 9 Million YouTube Video Views, Update — What’s The Real Story? [Opinion]

There are a couple of YouTube videos, as seen below, going completely viral. The first video, titled “Drone used to catch cheating wife,” has swelled to more than eight million views as of this writing. First off, whereas the veracity of the videos and the events they purport to contain have not been verified, the emotions they seemingly contain sure seem real.

Warning: The following videos contain language that might be disturbing to some viewers.

The about page’s URL of the YAOG YouTube user names him as William Ray Walters, as reported by YouTube and El Comercio.

YAOG — or Walters, as it were — claims he caught his wife of 18 years meeting a guy only a few blocks from their home at a CVS. With 34,260 subscribers and 6,782,729 views, YAOG is getting plenty of attention for his YouTube channel, which YouTube reports was begun on June 4, 2009.

“Hello. I am YAOG and welcome to my channel. This is a place for me to get things off my chest and to vent. Either you will like me or you won’t. Please watch a video and decide for yourself. Thanks.”

As of this writing, the videos about YAOG’s alleged cheating wife and his update on the cheating wife situation are the only two videos left on his page.

The initial video purports to show drone footage of YAOG’s wife walking to CVS, waiting at the light, and taking her hair down. Walters jokes that his wife had to make herself look pretty for the guy she was cheating on him with. The guy, who was allegedly hiding behind the CVS, waiting to meet the wife of 18 years of YAOG, comes driving up to her in an SUV.

Then YAOG tells his YouTube viewers to watch carefully in order to see 18 years of marriage go down the drain.

“We had a good marriage — I thought we had a good marriage. Apparently not.”

Therein lies the rub of this drone-catches-cheating-wife video.

The original video was uploaded to YouTube on November 14, and has gained more than eight million views in approximately three days.

“Used my drone to catch my wife meeting a guy at the local CVS. She had been getting called in early to work more often the past couple weeks, and then I got a call from someone telling me something was going on. I tried to follow her a couple times prior but both times she went to work, so I’m not sure if she was getting tipped off or I was just unlucky. So I took the drone up and that worked. Any questions you have ask in the comments. Thanks.”

The follow-up video was uploaded to YouTube on November 16, and is quickly gaining views as well — up to nearly 300,000 views on YouTube as of this writing.

“Many of you have been asking for an update. Well, here it is. Please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll try to get to them. Thanks again for everyone who has left supportive comments. I don’t have a lot of friends I can talk to about this so I appreciate your support.”

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One can’t help but feel for YAOG AKA Walters, especially if all of this is real — and particularly if he really did find out via drone footage that his wife of 18 years was cheating on him with another man.

However — and that’s a big however — the words of Dr. Phil come to mind, which say that no matter how flat a pancake is, you always have two sides. YAOG reports that his wife is upset that their business is now “on blast,” and claims that she only kissed the guy and only met him three times.

Sure, that could all represent falsehoods — and if the now-deleted Facebook page of a “William Ray Walters” is in any way related to YAOG, it could spell some issues.

The things we don’t see that weren’t captured in the drone footage “gotcha” cheating moment are the 18 years that led up to the climatic moment. As spelled out in the book on Amazon, His Need, Her Needs, Building An Affair-Proof Marriage, both parties in a marriage need to learn what makes their husband and wife tick and come alive.

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Whereas a husband might believe that because he works 100-hour workweeks to provide his wife and kids with a luxurious home, he’s done his share — that might not be true. If he’s not taking care of her sexual, physical, companionship and emotional needs — that husband could discover his wife turning outside the marriage for such creature comforts.

A wife might learn that just because she’s turned her husband down many times and said no to his requests to be more sexually adventurous in certain areas that the matter is settled in her mind. Instead, that husband might have gotten so frustrated at begging her for things beyond missionary sex, plying her with romantic words, logic and red wine that he has finally given in to that married woman giving him the eye who dons tight white dresses at work.

The point is, there are reasons that the above videos go viral — but there are also two sides to every story. Or — as Dr. Phil would say — three sides to every story: Yours, mine and the truth.

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