RFK’s Son Kicked Nurse During Hospital Incident, Prosecutors Claim

RFK’s son Douglass Kennedy allegedly kicked a hospital nurse during an altercation involving an infant, according to CBS News. Prosecutors in the case claim that he assaulted two employees during his attempt to remove his son from the hospital without permission. Kennedy, meanwhile, claims he was just trying to protect his baby.

The incident took place earlier this year when Kennedy attempted to take his new baby outside for a little fresh air. When nurses realized what the father was trying to do, they took steps to prevent him from leaving the hospital. Angry and defensive, RFK’s son kicked one nurse to the ground and twisted the arm of another for getting in his way. Kennedy maintains that he was just being protective.

The Associated Press reports the prosecution’s witness, Anna Lane, explained that Northern Westchester Hospital nurses were just trying to protect the baby when they stepped in Douglass Kennedy’s path. As a result of of his actions, Kennedy is now facing charges of child endangerment and physical harassment. Not surprisingly, RFK’s son believes the allegations are “absurd.”

Other witnesses explained that a number of alarms were set off during the scuffle. No less than two different hospital-wide alerts were issued during the fiasco including one that alerted security about a possible abduction. Nurses stated that Douglass Kennedy, who was carrying around his child in just a hat and a blanket, never asked permission to take his newborn outside. Employees, prosecutors explained, were only trying to do their job.

Molly and Douglass Kennedy, however, are sticking by their story. “Our simple desire to take our son outside for fresh air has been warped into a charge of child endangerment,” the couple said in a statement last February.

Do you think RFK’s son was only acting in his child’s best interest when he assaulted two nurses earlier this year?