Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Divorce? Kim 'Furious' & Fighting With Husband After Robbery [Rumors]

Kim Kardashian is allegedly "furious" with husband Kanye West as divorce allegations continue to swirl around the couple.

According to a new report by Radar Online, Kim and Kanye have allegedly been fighting in the wake of her scary Paris robbery, with the drama reportedly boiling over for the couple once again over West's busy tour schedule.

Radar Online is claiming that Kardashian is "furious" with her husband for continuing on with his North American "Saint Pablo Tour," which will see West on the road until his string of shows close out on New Year's Eve 2016, adding that Kim is upset that Kanye is refusing to stay home with her and their two children.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
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The site's inside source alleged that Kim, who has kept a seriously low profile since she was robbed at gunpoint of $10 million worth of jewelry in Paris, France, on October 2 is less than pleased that West has decided to leave her and the two children behind and continue on with his tour schedule as she continues to go under the radar.

"Kim says she wants Kanye to stay at home with her," an insider told the site of Kardashian's alleged wishes for her husband of two years to stay by her side as she continues to cope with the scary ordeal.

"[Kim] only feels safe when [Kanye] is there," continued the insider, "and she doesn't want him to keep abandoning her."

And it sounds like West's busy schedule is causing serious tension for North and Saint West's parents, as Radar Online's source is alleging that Kanye has no plans to slow down and stay home with Kardashian anytime soon, which is supposedly making the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star feel "paranoid" while Kanye is away touring the country.

The insider also went on to claim that Kanye West has made it pretty clear to Kim Kardashian as the divorce rumors swirl that he won't be taking any more time off, allegedly telling his wife that "there's nothing he can do" about his busy schedule, which was planned months before Kardashian was robbed, and Kim just needs to "understand" that he has to return to work.

As for what Kim is doing while she takes some time away from the spotlight, the insider revealed that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is just "hanging out with her kids" and can't understand why West won't cancel or postpone his "Saint Pablo Tour" to do the same.

Kim is yet to speak out about the reports, and has not even officially spoken out about her robbery in the more than six weeks that have followed, though this isn't the first time it's been alleged that Kanye's tour schedule has been causing him and Kardashian to fight.

Hollywood Life alleged last month that Kardashian was "livid" with Kanye when he revealed that he'd be returning to his tour just days after her robbery, causing the Kardashian and West divorce rumors to hit the headlines.

"Kanye has a tour to do, and while she'd never ask him to cancel it, she seriously wants him to," a Kardashian insider said at the time as the divorce rumors swirled. "[Kim] needs him at home with her and the kids and being that rock, that safety net, that she needs at this point."

"Kim's still devastated from what transpired," continued the insider, adding that Kardashian is still feeling vulnerable "and needs Kanye by her side more than ever" despite his tour commitments.

Reports have also been circulating over the past few weeks that the couple's fighting has allegedly gotten so bad that a divorce could potentially be in the cards for the couple, who married in 2014.

Radar Online alluded to a potential divorce, claiming that Kim and Kanye's marriage has supposedly been thrown into "crisis" mode in the wake of Kardashian's robbery, though neither have confirmed the allegations.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian
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"Kanye doesn't know how to handle Kim right now," an insider alleged to the site of how Kardashian and West's marriage is doing under the intense pressure that the robbery brought, adding that Kanye reportedly "can't deal with it anymore and is at his breaking point."

According to a Kardashian source, amid the rampant divorce accusations, West is growing increasingly "frustrated" with Kim and her reluctance to return to work and the public eye, despite almost seven weeks passing since Kardashian was robbed and gunpoint, and reportedly "thought that Kim would be over this" and back to work by now.

What do you think of reports claiming that Kanye West's reluctance to stay by Kim Kardashian's side could be causing serious drama for the couple?

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