11 Million Britons will need to register before being allowed near kids

Using the argument that if this new vetting and barring scheme being handled by the Independent Safeguarding Authority of the Home Office even saves one child from the hands of a pedophile it is worth it.

The program will see anyone even remotely involved with children having to be registered by the ISA after being subjected to what some are calling some of the most unprecedented delving into a person’s background and private lives. As well they will be subject to on-going monitoring.

Those that will be required by law to register or face fines of up to £5,000 include

  • parents volunteering to transport children for club events or sports – this includes things like the Scouts
  • 300,000 school governors
  • all the doctors
  • all the nurses
  • all the dentists
  • all the teachers
  • all the prison workers

From November next year workers taking new jobs which qualify for the scheme must be registered. Any activity which involves contact with children or vulnerable adults three times in a one-month period, every month, or once overnight, qualifies, as do jobs in specified places such as schools, prisons and children’s homes.

Source: Guardian – Parents who ferry children to clubs face criminal record checks

All I can say is beware the unintended consequences of something like but given England’s already high disregard for the individual this comes as no surprise.