November 18, 2016
Hugh Grant's Christmas Shopping List, And Why He Often Re-Watches His Own Films

Hugh Grant, the talented British actor, has announced that his Christmas shopping list is on Twitter. The Notting Hill actor recently announced that he plans to buy Lego's for everyone on his Christmas shopping list, including his father.

The announcement presumably comes after reports surfaced that toymaker Lego has cut ties with the Daily Mail. The Financial Times reports that Lego decided to pull their advertising budget from the well-known publication after learning that its reputation could be affected by the "hostile" stance the Daily Mail is thought to have taken on issues relating to gender, immigration, and race.In other news, Hugh Grant was finally recognized for his contribution to the cinema when he was awarded Zurich's Golden Icon Award for excellent work in the film industry. After struggling to establish himself in show business by doing odd jobs and playing small roles in films and theater, the actor finally found success when he starred in Maurice, Merchant-Ivory's 1987 drama film. He later achieved international fame when he played the lead in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Mickey Blue Eyes, and Notting Hill.

However, the British actor confesses there are times when he becomes very self-critical. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hugh Grant revealed that he still watches his own movies to evaluate and criticize his acting.

"I've read that I hate all my films. That's not true; the films are often great. It's just me that I loathe. I always think, 'Oh you f***ed that up.' You never feel great about your own stuff."
Despite being a veteran actor, Hugh Grant is humble enough to reflect on his performances and look for ways to improve his skills. It's this craving for perfection that's enabled the actor to work alongside the legendary actress, Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant recently worked together in Florence Foster Jenkins; a 2016 biographical drama in which Grant plays the husband of a rich heiress who aspires to become a popular opera singer, despite her lack of talent.Even though he admits that he was terrified at the thought of working with Meryl Streep, Grant delivered one of his best performances when he played St. Clair Bayfield, the untalented husband who's dependent on his rich wife to maintain his respectable social position. Playing St. Clair Bayfield proved to be an enjoyable experience for Hugh Grant, who loved playing the challenging role. According to Hollywood Reporter, the actor revealed he found it most gratifying playing an English gentleman who pretended to be someone he was not.
"He appears on the surface to be this suave, debonair English man but in reality, he was a failed actor. What I enjoyed playing was the outward shell of this debonair Englishman, but (underneath) he's a rather desperate man clinging to this life."
Hugh Grant has reportedly joined the cast of Paddington 2, the sequel to the movie Paddington, narrating the story of the marmalade-loving Peruvian bear who lives in London. The Guardian reported that Grant would be playing the role of Phoenix Buchanan, a celebrity living on the same street as the eponymous bear and the Browns, his adoptive family. Buchanan is a vain yet charming acting legend whose popularity has diminished over the years. Brendan Gleeson will also feature in the CGI live-action film playing the role of Knuckles McGinty, Paddington's unexpected ally.

In Paddington 2, Ben Whishaw will reprise his role as Paddington, while Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins will reappear as Henry Brown and Mary Brown. The plot of the upcoming movie revolves around Paddington's efforts to recover a stolen book; a book which he wants to give his Aunt Lucy for her 100th birthday.

Now that the book has been taken, it's up to Paddington and the Browns to capture the thief. Paul King will return to direct the Paddington sequel, saying he's excited at the prospect of directing Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the director revealed that Paddington 2 would be just as exciting as its prequel.
"It was such a delight to see his first big-screen adventure embraced by audiences around the world, and I couldn't be more excited about Hugh and Brendan joining the cast to bring his next outing to life."
[Featured Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]