Jordan is a very petty man

Last night the basketball world took the final step of naming Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time, by electing him to the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. Instead of being gracious and accepting this honor with a little bit of class and humility, Jordan used his acceptance speech to call out all the wrongs he had received over the course of his basketball career. In a word this display was disgusting.

Jordan called out everyone from long time rival Isaiah Thomas, to a former High School Coach, to Larry Bird, and to former Coach Jeff Van Gundy. How can a guy with six NBA titles and Five MVP awards think that these perceived wrongs even matter anymore?

The feud with Thomas, which started at the 1985 NBA All Star Game, where Thomas master minded a freeze out of Jordan, has cost both of these men enough. First picking on Thomas now is a little like shooting fish in a barrel. However Thomas retied earlier then he should have, after he was snubbed by the 1992 selection for the first Dream Team. Thomas believes Jordan was the ultimate deciding factor there.

Really though, these insecurities, and Jordan’s pettiness is why he is a terrible basketball executive. He did a terrible job in the front office on the Washington Wizards, and his Charlotte Bobcats aren’t fairing nay better. It seems Jordan is spending all of his time hobnobbing it on the golf course and worrying about what people think of him, rather then doing what is right for his basketball team.

Due to last night’s disgraceful performance, a large part of Jordan’s legacy has been forgotten.