Jennifer Aniston's Husband Justin Theroux Is Not Jealous Of Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston's husband, Justin Theroux, is not at all jealous of Brad Pitt. Early this month, several outlets reported that Aniston and Pitt have started communicating again after his divorce with Angelina Jolie. Insiders claimed that Aniston is using this as "leverage" in her marriage, which turned out to be false.

Gossip Cop has once again set the record straight about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's relationship. The website confirmed that despite rumors linking the two together, Aniston is still in a happy relationship with husband, Justin Theroux. There is also no truth to rumors that Aniston was using Pitt as "leverage in her marriage" and that Theroux is getting jealous now that she's in contact with her ex-husband.

Early this week, Celeb Dirty Laundry published a report saying that after seeing Pitt reach out to Aniston, the power structure in their marriage has reversed. Theroux was allegedly a little threatened that Pitt, one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, is starting to show interest in Aniston again. "Impeccable" sources told CDL that Theroux has now begun seeing the Friends star in a new light and not just his easy ticket to fame.

Rather than being upset over Justin Theroux's sudden possessiveness, the site claimed that it only boosted Jennifer Aniston's self esteem. The site also claimed that Theroux knew that he's no match for Brad Pitt and if Pitt would want to give their relationship another try, Aniston will go running back to him in a heartbeat. With this in mind, Theroux allegedly started to get more affectionate with his wife.

CDL, however, pointed out that Aniston should enjoy this extra attention from Theroux as much as she can. Sources told the website that Pitt will most likely move on to another relationship eventually.

In other news, Justin Theroux shared that he is not in competition with his wife, Jennifer Aniston. In the May issue of Esquire, Theroux revealed that being with Aniston even helped him become a better writer.

"I have very funny friends and a very funny wife. I bounce ideas off of them. If I get a deep belly laugh, I know I've hit something," he said.

Theroux, however, admitted that marrying a celebrity comes with its own set of challenges. For one, the couple has graced the cover of several tabloids numerous times, with those awful headlines. But after being together for almost six years, Theroux shared that he started to find the humor in it. Theroux revealed that their own friends knew better than to believe everything they read on print and online.

"A friend once told me, 'Another you has been born, this insane person who's constantly breaking up, getting back together, having a baby, losing a baby,'" he joked.

Perhaps this is why Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux decided to keep details of their marriage life private. In his interview, The Girl on the Train star refused to give out any marriage tips, explaining that he's "no brighter than any man." Theroux, however, was all praises for his wife. Contrary to early reports, Theroux said that he's not at all jealous of all her success and was very proud of all she has accomplished. But Theroux admitted that if they were competing for the same job, he might not be as easygoing.
"She's successful for a reason. We're not in competition… If I was competing for the same job as her, I might be less forgiving."
Fans who are waiting for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux to collaborate may not have to wait long. Theroux shared that they have started talking about an idea he had and might work on it soon.

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