If Facebook Failed, Zuckerberg Would Have Worked At Microsoft

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would have worked at Microsoft had his hugely successful social network failed to take off and eventually attract more than 1 billion users around the world.

Zuck was speaking at Stanford University, and, during his speech, he was dispelling rumors about what he would have done had Facebook failed.

The social network CEO said he “always respected Microsoft” and probably would have been an engineer for the tech firm.

In putting another rumor to rest, Zuckerberg said he was all for placing ads on Facebook during the site’s early days. In fact, it was those ads that allowed the company to buy more servers in order to expand the social company. Facebook in its infancy didn’t spend money on other expenses when possible, but Zuckerberg was obsessed with expanding the site’s infrastructure to make sure it never crashed.

Zuckerberg even revealed that Facebook programmers had toyed with the idea of releasing course catalogs to help explain the social networking platform. These days, many users would probably appreciate course catalogs to navigate private profile features on the social media website.

Zuckerberg’s speech wasn’t just about Microsoft and Facebook. Speaking about an art history course he was taking, Zuckerberg explained how he hacked together a website with 200 images and used the “study tool” to crowdsource his classmates opinions about famous pieces of art work.

Speaking during his open discussion with Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, Zuckerberg said of Facebook:

“Humans have the capacity to maintain empathetic relationships with about 150 people. Facebook extends that.”