Angelina Jolie Slowing Divorce Process To Control Brad Pitt Amid Forthcoming Custody Battle?

Angelina Jolie reportedly fears losing Brad Pitt for good after the couple's divorce, which sources believe is a sign that she's not ready to let go of the relationship just yet.

It's confusing to think that Angelina Jolie is now thinking twice about her divorce to Brad, considering that she was the one who filed the papers, to begin with, but sources tell Hollywood Life that the actress' mind regarding the split has changed in recent weeks.

The outlet seemingly claims that Angelina Jolie loves being in control. She has always been like that throughout her relationship with Pitt, and just the thought of no longer having that power over him once the divorce and custody battle is settled kills her.

An insider tells Hollywood Life that Angelina Jolie keeps tabs on Brad, even now that they are no longer together. She wants to know his whereabouts and what he's up to because in doing so, Angelina knows how to act upon further actions regarding his visitation rights to see the children.

"Angelina wants to know exactly what Brad is up to at all times. To say she isn't able to move on would be an understatement," a source shares. "She even has a google alert on his name, so she can keep tabs on him."

"It kills her that he's now seeing the kids again, she wants them all to herself, but has to abide by the law," it is further added. "She wants to drag out the divorce for as long as possible, so she still has some hold over him, she likes to always be in control and she knows that once the divorce is finalized she will have no hold over him anymore."

No longer being in control over someone she has been with since 2005 has Angelina Jolie dragging out the divorce process for as long as she can, the source alleges, making it clear that even when the couple is apart, Angelina wants to call the shots with everything concerning their children, custody, and divorce settlement.

Earlier this year, it was claimed that Angelina Jolie would be filing for full custody of all six children. The actress was convinced she would win the case, especially after a string of accusations regarding Brad Pitt's alleged child abuse and drug addiction hit the press, as mentioned by USA Today— and this seemingly happened just after Jolie filed for divorce.

It seemed to be quite the coincidence, but Brad's rep hit back, stressing that they were sure it was Angelina Jolie's team who had arranged a smear campaign in an attempt to weaken Pitt's chances of winning any sort of custody once they were set to fight it out in court.

With Brad spending more time with his children, it will become harder for Angelina Jolie to try and take control of that situation. She's kept a relatively low profile in recent weeks, but insiders reveal that the Salt star just purchased an estate in Los Feliz, California, which is just three miles away from Pitt.

So, could Angelina Jolie's decision in moving closer to Brad have something to do with the supposed fact that she likes controlling his every move?

As of right now, it still looks as if Angelina Jolie will be fighting for full custody of all six children, and as far as sources are aware, the divorce is still very much on. Brad has no plans to reconcile with the 41-year-old — he's more focused on seeing his kids.

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