November 18, 2016
Hillary Clinton 11/16/16 Photos: 30 Real Pictures Of Clinton Versus Alleged Fake Photoshop 'Death' Photo Of Hillary After Losing To President-Elect Trump

Hillary Clinton made a lot of buzz during Clinton's appearance at the Children's Defense Fund's Beat the Odds shindig on Wednesday, November 16. The event was held at the Newseum in Washington, as seen in the following photo gallery with real images from Getty Images and the Associated Press. Just as news of reportedly fake or exaggerated or misleading articles made news this week, as reported by the Inquisitr, comes questions about a photo of Hillary floating around the web that claims Clinton looked close to death, and has folks searching for things like "Hillary Clinton photos" and "Hillary Clinton Photoshop" in droves, as reported by Facebook's search engine that reports the number of "people talking about this" currently when one enters those search terms.

First up, the photo gallery of Clinton from reputable and professional photographers.

[gallery link="file" size="full" ids="3724258,3724260,3724262,3724265,3724266,3724267,3724268,3724269,3724270,3724271,3724272,3724274,3724275,3724276,3724277,3724278,3724280,3724281,3724282,3724283,3724284,3724285,3724286,3724287,3724288,3724289,3724290,3724291,3724292,3724263"]

Compare those photos with the photo of Hillary republished by Pamela Geller -- described as "Author, Columnist, Editor of " on Twitter -- on her Facebook page, in a post which has gotten more than 3,000 Facebook shares. Pamela claimed that Hillary did not look well, based on that uncredited photo, with no photographer's name attached.

"We dodged a bullet. This woman is clearly not well."
Geller did link to the article titled "One Week After Election Loss Hillary Clinton Looks Like Death," by Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit, which also shows the same photo, and was published on November 16. With more than 700 comments, that article has been shared more than 78,000 times on Facebook, anchored by that first photo of Hillary.
Right-clicking the image of Clinton from Hoft's article does not show the origin of the photo, but Jim's words prove where the "looked like death" comments began, with Geller using those same words in her above tweet of the photo.
"One week ago Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election. Today she delivered a speech. She looked like death. She's either been on a bender, or crying her eyes out … or both. America, YOU made the right decision."
Accusations of Photoshop abound by folks on social media who view the photo of Clinton that was published on the Gateway Pundit.

hillary clinton
[Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

The close-up photos of Hillary seen in the photo gallery above, as well as others by photographers from Getty Images and the Associated Press do not appear similar to the other photo of Clinton being spread around.

hillary clinton
[Image by Cliff Owen/AP Images]

Meanwhile, other people are praising Hillary for wearing little makeup during Clinton's first public speech since losing the presidency to Mr. Trump, as reported by Mic.

Wading through the comments section of the bad-looking photo of Clinton shows that some people are calling it a calculated move by Hillary, with theories being bandied about that Clinton purposely wore less makeup and tried to look bad to gain sympathy. At least that was the theory floated by Facebook user Lee Ann Richards, who left the following comment beneath Geller's post about Clinton.

"Don't think for one minute that her looking like this was an [oversight]!! This was intentional. Fuel for the fire. 'Look how devastated I am! Look what they did to me, Please fight harder for me. I am a victim!'"
Facebook user Nicole Lyon wrote a post about the Clinton photo, in part calling it the work of obvious and poor Photoshop skills.
"Hillary may be gone, but the media bias continues. Other than really bad & obvious photoshop pic here, she does look tired... I thank God that if the rumors of her ill health are true? We won't be stuck with her equally hypocritical, Marxist VP [Kaine]."
Watching the following video, which YouTube proves is a popular search by filling in the term "Hillary Clinton speech 11/16/16" when one searches Hillary's name on the video-sharing site, gives a more realistic look at Hillary's aesthetics on that day.
[Featured Image by Cliff Owen/AP Images]