WWE News: Former Attitude Era Star Says He Almost Died In The WWE Ring

There have been scary moments in the WWE rings, from the death of Owen Hart to the career ending injuries to men like Darren Drozdov. It turns out there was another Attitude Era wrestler that almost had his name added to that list. Gangrel appeared on Sean Waltman’s podcast this week and said that he actually almost died while in the WWE wrestling ring.

The comment came when Sean Waltman asked him about the class action lawsuit held against the WWE. Gangrel said that he didn’t want to join them at the time, and he said that if he wanted to sue the WWE, he would have done it after they almost killed him with an in-ring stunt during the Attitude Era.

Gangrel went on and explained what happened. The incident came following a handicap match with The Brood against The Ministry when Undertaker’s stable wanted to bring in The Brood to join them.

For fans who weren’t around back then, The Undertaker led a group of heels that included people like Mideon, Viscera, and the APA. The Brood was Gangrel and his two understudies, Edge and Christian. The match in question saw The Brood in a handicap match against Mideon and Viscera.


The match took place on the Feb. 1, 1999, episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. The match ended when the APA attacked and caused a disqualification. After the match, The Undertaker made his way down to the ring with a noose in hand.

“Remember when The Boss Man was going to bring The Brood into The Ministry? He threw me over the rope with the thing. Richie told him, don’t use that rope. Don’t use it. It was a brand new rope and they wanted to do it anyways. They wanted to do that angle. So they threw me over and then…I bounced off the apron but the rope cinched up. I remember sitting there on TV and everything was just going away.”


It is unclear why Gangrel said The Boss Man since the Boss Man had nothing to do with the angle. What happened in the match was that JBL wrapped the noose around the neck of Gangrel and then Undertaker pushed Gangrel off the ring apron to hang.

Gangrel did say that Dennis Knight (Mideon) was the first to notice what happened. In the video from the episode, Mideon was standing right next to Gangrel as he was hanging and was who helped take some of the pressure off his neck.

Things didn’t end well. Dennis was able to save Gangrel’s life and was asking if he was OK over and over. After the match, Gangrel’s wife, women’s wrestler Luna, allegedly flipped out backstage. As a result, Gangrel claimed the WWE fired her for her outburst after the incident.

This was just one of a number of incidents that Gangrel said he had backstage at the WWE. There was also an incident where Marc Mero and his wife Sable had heat with Luna. Gangrel told another story of how Mero came up to him in the back and allegedly called Luna a profane name.


Gangrel flipped out and went after Mero in front of Vince McMahon. According to Gangrel, McMahon saw the entire thing, but he took Marc Mero’s side and said if Gangrel touched Mero, he would be the one the WWE fired.

Despite all the bad feelings that Gangrel must have toward the WWE, he refused to take part in the WWE lawsuit that was filed by 51 former WWE wrestlers. This is despite a hotspot on his brain that might have been caused by a mixture of drugs and chair shots in the WWE.

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