Josh Duggar Revealed In Family Conference As Pregnant Anna, Kids And Family Face Losing Job & House

Josh Duggar's journey back to mainstream news has not been easy. While his wife Anna, kids and his family are very supportive of the recovery of his reputation, the court of law, as well as his fans, are not so quick to forgive him of his past wrongdoings. That pressure has evidently been big on him, as Josh was revealed having gained some weight and growing a beard at the family conference in Texas.

While the 29-year-old Duggar likes to keep his face clean, making sure that beard does not creep back onto his face, this time, it looked as though he had too much going on to trim his facial hair.

This picture was sent in from Big Sandy Family Conference, a week-long seminar and fellowship of like-minded families, sharing information on how to lead their families.

"Whether making new friendships with other families or rekindling relationships from previous years, the conference is an annual highlight for many," the 2017 conference website reads. "The conferences are structured to foster spiritual growth as young and old alike are challenged to honor God's Word in every area of their lives."

One of the reasons that Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are there is because his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, are one of the major speakers at the event. The Duggars are big fans of the event, bringing their entire family to take part in the workshops, worship series and lectures.

Check out the kids of Duggar family enjoying the week in Texas!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are one of the most popular lecturers at the conference as they boast having nurtured a large family.

"Raising 19 children is a big challenge; raising them for over 10 years while on reality TV is an even greater challenge," their profile read on Big Sandy website. "Trusting in the Lord for their family is something Jim Bob and Michelle have definitely experienced, both privately and publicly. The Duggars humbly share their joys and trials, desiring to minister to other families who desire God's best, even when their lives take unexpected turns. Jim Bob and Michelle's message is still the same: trust in the Lord."

While it is true that they have turned their family into a successful TLC reality TV show, it also is undeniable that their eldest Josh faces a lot of problems now. Just two years ago, it was revealed in an update that he was cheating on his wife and may have molested his younger sisters.

And now, he faces losing his job and house as he tackles a lawsuit from a DJ in Los Angeles. The prosecutor states that Josh used the DJ's photo as his profile picture on Ashley Madison, an online dating website that encourages extramarital affairs.

What is worse is that he will have to testify to all the affairs that he has committed in court.

"Josh Duggar will be questioned under oath about the 2015 cheating scandal that nearly destroyed his family," reports Radar Online. "As Radar has reported, the religious and conservative father of four was outed as a member of Ashley Madison, a website that helps married people have affairs.

Plus, the fact that his wife Anna is pregnant with his fifth baby means that he has the pressure of welcoming another kid into the world. While Anna has not been caught on camera during the Big Sandy Family Conference, because his children are there, it is likely that she is doing her best to keep the family together.

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[Featured Image by Josh Duggar/Twitter]