Jinger Duggar Overshadowed At Her Own Wedding As Siblings Pull Stunts Of Love

Jinger Duggar made headlines almost two weeks ago when she married Jeremy Vuolo. The event was one of the most well-kept Duggar secrets, leaking only days before the actual event took place. Jinger has been one of the more low-key Duggar daughters, keeping to herself and staying out of the spotlight for the most part. Her courtship and engagement announcements brought more attention to her, but she remained level-headed and calm throughout the chaos. Counting On aired a special earlier this week which included the entire wedding ceremony.

Fans watched Jinger Duggar marry Jeremy Vuolo just days ago, and there were a few moments that stood out. Earlier in the day, before the special aired, the Duggar family put out a video stating they would be making a special announcement during the wedding special. They were to introduce the newest couple courting and alluded to the fact that it would be one of the five Duggar children highlighted in the video. On top of that, fans were outraged by an actual moment that took place at the Vuolo wedding. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Derick Dillard angered fans when he stole Jinger Duggar's thunder by making a public display of affection with his wife, Jill Duggar. It was also noted that Dillard pulled a signature "Josh Duggar move," and it didn't go over well.Many Counting On viewers were blown away at the attempts to lessen the spotlight Jinger Duggar was supposed to have. Joy-Anna Duggar announced she was courting her long-time friend, Austin Forsyth, during the Vuolo wedding special. It was a moment that took away from the special event for Jinger and her now-husband, Jeremy. While the Duggar family likely didn't think of that beforehand, it is clear that the headlines now are reflecting what is happening with Joy-Anna and not with what Jinger and Jeremy are doing. It might have been a clear oversight, but fans were definitely upset by the way that occurred.As for Derick Dillard, he stole the thunder during the exit from Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's wedding. The bridal party was departing, and he was not one of the groomsmen, but his wife, Jill, was a bridesmaid. As they were walking off the stage, Dillard jumped up and "stole" his wife away from the groomsman she was coupled with. He promptly dipped and kissed her as they proceeded down the aisle while the shocked groomsman walked behind them. While some may have thought it was a cute profession of love, it was a move that was synonymous with Josh Duggar. With all of the controversy he has caused the family, a nod to him was not a smart move.The Duggar family has a lot of exciting moments ahead that include Jinger Duggar and all of her siblings. A new marriage, a new courtship, another grandchild on the way, and so much more will welcome Counting On for a third season. After the controversy and hatred the Duggars received following the scandals Josh Duggar brought to light, it is time for them to share a little bit of their happiness. It might not have been done to the standards that viewers expected, but the announcement and public display of affection were likely not meant to overshadow Jinger Duggar at all.

Both Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are off on their honeymoon exploring the beginning of marriage together. Neither has spoken out about the incidents that have upset fans. It is unclear when they will make another video or blog post, but chances are it will be soon. For now, Jinger Duggar is enjoying married life and all of the benefits that go along with it.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]