‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Making Sophia Work Instead Of Enjoying Her Childhood?

Farrah Abraham has been a single mother since Sophia was born, as her then-boyfriend Derek Underwood was killed in a car accident. Farrah struggled to share her story on 16 & Pregnant, and she shared her journey as a single mother on Teen Mom, despite a very troublesome relationship with her mother. And based on this week’s episode, which brought up drama from five years ago, it sounds like Abraham still doesn’t have much respect for her mother. Instead, she’s putting her businesses and making money at the top of her priority list, and she’s excited about it. Abraham is even excited about how her daughter Sophia is working alongside with her.

According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now facing some backlash for celebrating the fact that her daughter is always working alongside with her. Abraham shared a picture of her daughter Sophia, sharing that she’s so proud of her daughter for working essentially since she was born. Of course, she could be referring to Sophia working for MTV since she was born, but Abraham has also used her to market her products and even used her as a model.

“Sophia pretty amazed this baby boss has worked since she was literally born into this world #blessed,” Farrah Abraham revealed on Twitter, sharing a picture of little Sophia working away.

And some people were rattled with this tweet, as they just want Farrah Abraham to treat her daughter as a child. They want Abraham’s daughter to enjoy her childhood and not be exposed too much to her work life.

“Cause u make her work. She cant even stand being around u. No one can. Havent u noticed that people run from u?” one person wrote to Farrah Abraham, while another added, “bc yo forced her to work…She doesn’t know what working means at her age! She needs to be playing and having fun.”


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But most people had opinions about how Abraham is treating her own mother in front of her daughter. Even though Farrah is convinced that she’s a great mother, it sounds like her daughter has no problem telling her off, including telling her that she’s being rude to her own mother, Sophia’s grandmother. And fans are warning her that she needs to change her behavior, so Sophia doesn’t start replicating it.

“Farrah you need to humble up and quit being a damn cry baby with your mama! Get over it, we all had it tough!” one person wrote to Farrah after watching this week’s episode of Teen Mom, where another person added, “Her daughter is going to treat her the same way, it’s science! She can try and be a victim all she wants, time to take responsibility for her adult ATTITUDE! can’t blame parents forever!”

“If she doesn’t change how she talks, her and daughter are going to have the same relationship as Farrah and her mom. Disturbing. And Farrah will blame that on her mom too!” a third person chimed in, sharing that she needed to show more respect to her mother, noting that Sophia would probably treat her the same way when she grows up.

But some people did bring up an interesting point about Abraham. Even though she wants to put forth a strong image of a self-made woman and a single mother who is the best mother ever, she’s clearly dealing with some issues. She keeps breaking down whenever she’s talking about Derek and how she’s a single mother.

“She still cries over the death of baby daddy and is so disrespectful to her mom calling her a crybaby! #disgusted,” one person wrote to Farrah, pointing out that she isn’t exactly the most mature person on Teen Mom, while another person added, “just know you’re teaching her how to treat you by the way you treat your Mom.”

What do you think of Farrah Abraham making her daughter work? Do you think she needs to treat her mother with respect so it doesn’t start affecting Sophia?

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