Catelynn Baltierra Slammed For Wanting A Horse: Will She Abandon It Like She Did The Pig?

Catelynn Baltierra revealed that she had found something that she felt could help her with her mental illness on this week’s episode of Teen Mom. While Baltierra was in rehab in Arizona, she spent lots of time with horses and riding around the facility. When she returned to Michigan, she realized that she wanted to be around horses because they calmed her down when she had a panic attack. After visiting a stable, Catelynn Baltierra considered investing thousands of dollars and get her own horse, but her husband didn’t seem too excited about the idea. He would prefer it if she just rented a horse when she felt the need to go riding.

According to a new tweet, Catelynn Baltierra is now revealing that she has bought a horse — well, sort of. Maybe she faced some criticism on social media after talking about getting a horse, as she had already bought a pig and quickly given it up again. And rather than take people’s criticism to heart, Catelynn felt it would be better to mock the idea and tell her fans that she had already bought a horse.

“Ha!! Funny thing I already bought a horse!” Catelynn Baltierra revealed on Twitter this week as Teen Mom aired and the reactions were a bit harsh, especially since she had been very open and honest about the horse helping her with her mental illness.

“I shall pray for the horse #TeenMomOG,” one person wrote while others added, “hope your health to enough to take care of it.. I feel like you think animals are a joke and you can just dump them,” “hey it’s all Tyler’s fault when he took you to go see horses now you want one so you can just blame him,” and “really hope you don’t give it away like the pig. If so take care of you b4 trying to take on anymore.”


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Earlier on this season of Teen Mom, Catelynn Baltierra went behind her husband’s back and got them a pig. She thought that this could be a great addition to the family, but it didn’t take long for the pig’s squeals to stress her out. Within weeks, she had given the pig away, and she tried to focus on what would make her happy. She then went to treatment in Arizona. And it sounds like Teen Mom fans are worried that she will make the same mistake with the horse, and will be looking for someone to take over shortly after buying it.

“For all ya haters lmao…. GOTCHA!! I haven’t bought a horse yet but thanks for the laugh #oneday #iwill #equinetherapy,” Catelynn Baltierra replied after reading through some of the harsh comments, clearly revealing that she had not bought a horse and she was just playing a joke on everyone.

“Also before you buy a horse you might want to ride one first,” one person wrote, pointing out that Catelynn didn’t ride a horse on camera when she went to visit the stable, to which Baltierra replied, “I do ride, shows how much you don’t know #haveagoodday.”

But it sounds like Catelynn does have some supporters, as people do feel that getting a horse would be ideal for her, but they just want to make sure that she’s ready for the responsibility.

“Not everyone who disagrees with you buying a horse is a hater! I disagree & am not a hater. I’m just worried it would b 2 much for yourself & mental health.. the pig brought on a nervous break down.. horses are much more work,” one person wrote in support of her decision.

What do you think of Catelynn Baltierra’s decision to play a joke on her Teen Mom fans? Do you think she should get a horse or do you think people’s concerns about her decision are valid?

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