Skype’s Makeover For Windows 8

For those of you who use Skype, the popular video calling service, you are more than likely going to be very pleased with it’s new makeover for Windows 8.

According to NBC News, Skype’s new makeover is based on a new “full-screen and uncluttered Skype experience” that will be clean can and quick.

The popular video chat service is used by 40 million Americans during peak times, says Skype. Microsoft, in order to get in on such a popluar service, bought Skype last year.

According to the company’s blog, Skype’s new makeover will include features such as:

Recent chat messages and calls “are right there as you launch Skype alongside the people that you contact most often. We’ve made it simple and easy to add your favorite contacts so that they are only one tap or click away. “

This may not be a good thing, depending on how easily accessible you want to be but “you can be always available and reachable whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or convertible PC with Skype running seamlessly in the background without draining your battery.”

You can receive voice, video calls and chats “even if you’ve navigated away to another app or to the desktop, enabling you to stay more connected with your contacts whatever you’re doing.”

Skype will also notify you about any new calls or instant messages.

Once Skype is downloaded from the Windows Store it will appear on the new Start screen as a “live tile.” That same tile provides a window into the app, and will show you “if you hae missed a call or have a new message waiting for you inside.”

Here is Skype’s video promotion for it’s new Windows 8 version … enjoy.