Janet Jackson Reportedly To Honor Michael Jackson With Baby Name: Inside Her Pregnancy At 50

Janet Jackson recently shared with the world her joy in becoming pregnant. The 50-year-old songstress reportedly has even been considering baby names and plans to honor her late brother Michael Jackson by choosing a name that pays tribute to the famous singer, according to the Daily Mail.

The media outlet noted that it is not known if Janet will be welcoming a girl or a boy into the world, but she is reportedly “planning to pay tribute to her dead brother Michael when she names her baby.” Jackson will have her first baby at the age of 50 with her husband, Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana.

Citing a source who revealed that the name of the baby will “have something to do with Michael Jackson,” the Daily Mail pointed out that one option to using the name Michael is to call the child Ben or Robin, if it is a boy, thus paying homage to the Prince of Pop’s songs.

Janet Jackson reportedly plans to give her baby a name that pays tribute to Michael Jackson.
Janet Jackson reportedly plans to give her baby a name that pays tribute to Michael Jackson. [Image by Francois Nel/Getty Images]

If it’s a girl, Janet might choose a name such as Billie Jean or Little Susie, noted the media outlet, which also shared that although the public doesn’t know the sex of the baby, she does. Janet and her husband reportedly have already chosen “soft pastel colors” for their child’s nursery.

Jackson is due “very, very soon,” according to the insider.

“[Janet] can’t wait to have the baby.”

As for her health, Jackson had canceled her tour in order to focus on “staying healthy during her pregnancy,” according to the Daily Mail. Her doctors reportedly told her that she is “doing well and just to take it easy.”

When it comes to where and when Janet will give birth, she and her husband have a home in London, but they also own other homes around the globe, according to ET.

“As for when she’s due, no date has been confirmed, but signs do point to November,” the media outlet told readers.

E News’ insider revealed in late September that Jackson was not “feeling that great,” but she is now “relaxing around her place” and reportedly anticipating welcoming her baby into the world.

“She wants to be a healthy mother for her child,” shared the source.

After revealing in April that she was postponing her world tour in order to start a family, Janet has sought to maintain her privacy. However, in October, she did offer a statement about her pregnancy in a People magazine interview.

“We thank God for our blessing.”

An insider told Radar Online, however, that Jackson has been “acting absolutely miserable,” alleging that Janet is “just not loving this as much as she thought she would.”

Referring to photos of Jackson’s baby bump, the media outlet claimed that she is “packing on healthy pregnancy pounds,” but Janet “seems a little scared that she will never be able to get her old body back,” said the source.

“[Jackson is] constantly commenting on how big she’s gotten…her family tells her that it is just baby weight and will go away, she doesn’t seem to believe it.”

As for Janet’s health, ET talked with a fertility specialist who responded to the question of whether, at 50-years-old, Jackson might be “putting herself at risk with pregnancy.” The expert, Dr. Catherine Deugarte, clarified that women in Janet’s age range can have higher risks of C-sections.

“They also have a higher chance of high blood pressure, diabetes in pregnancy, and delivering pre-term or before the baby’s due,” she noted.

Janet Jackson will soon be welcoming her first baby into the world.
Janet Jackson will soon be welcoming her first baby into the world. [Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]

However, Deugarte also revealed that Janet should not “have to stress much” about her health and pregnancy, as long as she is “under the proper care of a doctor.” When it comes to her activity, “taking it easy” is key, added the expert.

“You definitely want them to take it easy,” she emphasized. “Usually [this] means no heavy activities, such as horseback riding or roller coasters or exercising.”

When Jackson issued her announcement about postponing her world tour in order to start a family, she shared her “doctor’s orders” to rest.

“My husband and I are planning our family, so I’m going to have to delay the tour,” she said in her announcement. “Please, if you could try and understand that it’s important that I do this now. I have to rest up, doctor’s orders.”

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