Alicia Keys' Shocking Exit From 'The Voice' Makes Adam Levine Protest: Is He Quitting Too?

For months, rumors have swirled that Blake Shelton and Adam Levine might be quitting The Voice at the end of this season. The two pals have entertained fans for years with their famous "bromance" banter, and are the only coaches to hold onto their over-sized chairs throughout the show's reign on NBC. Now, however, in a surprise announcement, it's coach Alicia Keys who stunned fans by revealing that she is leaving The Voice after the finale of season 12. Did Adam's loud protest at Keys' departure offer a hint that he will follow Alicia out the door marked "Exit" on The Voice?

In announcing her departure from The Voice, Keys declined to reveal what her future holds, stating only that she has decided to leave the singing competition, reported ET.

"Who knows what the future holds, but I know this one is my final season," said Alicia.

Adam Levine protested when he learned that Alicia Keys is leaving
Adam Levine protested when he learned that Alicia Keys is leaving "The Voice." [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]

Her fellow coach Levine made it clear that he is upset by the shockingly sudden departure, attempting to persuade Keys to change her mind.

"I'll tell you what the future holds: you being on the f**k[ing] show!"
While Blake's bromance buddy tried to deny Alicia's exit, Keys herself was firm in her decision.

"I am excited for this; it's like a finale for me," gushed Alicia. "That's why I'm so passionate about my team."

Keys first made her appearance on The Voice in 2014, taking on a position as a mentor. Last spring, Alicia took her passion for the singing competition to the next level by joining Miley Cyrus, Blake, and Adam in the coach chairs. This season, Gwen Stefani has temporarily replaced Cyrus.

"I love this part [of the season]," said Gwen. "Everybody has fans now, so their whole attitude starts to change."

Alicia is hopeful that either she or Stefani will become the ultimate winner this season, admitting that the elimination rounds make her so nervous that she wants to quit The Voice even before the finale.

"Every Tuesday [elimination], I want to quit. I'm distraught. Until the moment comes and either me or Gwen win… then it's going to feel really good."
The ultimate showdown on The Voice takes place on May 23. As for what made Keys decide to leave, her hope that either she or Stefani is the ultimate winner may offer a clue. Alicia has been candid in discussing her frustration about Blake Shelton's repeated wins, reported PopCrush.

Alicia Keys says she's not stressed about Adam Levine's team winning
Alicia Keys says she's not stressed about Adam Levine's team winning "The Voice." [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Keys contends that Shelton "rigged" the voting system on The Voice, pointing out that while Blake coached five singers to victory, Adam has had only three winners even though they're been on the show for the same amount of time. Usher, Pharrell and Christina Aguilera have each coached one singer to the win, while Shakira, Gwen Stefani, CeeLo Green and Miley Cyrus have zero.

"I'm a little p*ssed off at Blake," admitted Alicia.

"Apparently [Blake Shelton] just thinks he's like Mister I win-all-of-them and all this. I told him this game must be rigged."
As for Levine, however, Keys isn't so stressed, although she noted that he is "extremely confident" about his team.

"I was like 'I don't care.' I was like, 'Nobody's scared of you,'" joked Alicia.

While only Keys has announced her official departure after the finale, Adam Levine has sparked exit rumors as well.

A long-time coach on The Voice, Levine has coached three singers to victory: Javier Colon, Tessanne Chin, and Jordan Smith. Adam enjoys teasing the other coaches, but admitted that it's inevitable that his time on the singing competition will eventually end, reported the TV Cheat Sheet, which cited sources who allege that Levine has "been unhappy lately."

Alicia Keys and Adam Levine hug. He was shocked by her departure from
Alicia Keys and Adam Levine hug. He was shocked by her departure from "The Voice." [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]

As for talking openly about his departure, Adam has been cautious about which celebrity might snag his coach chair.

"Inevitably, when that day [when I quit] comes — unless I'm on the show until it's done, who knows? — I would entrust my position with very few people."
In addition to his confessed qualms about who could replace him on The Voice, Levine reportedly has had ongoing issues with Miley Cyrus, who is set to return for season 13.

"Adam really cannot stand Miley because he thinks that she is the most obnoxious person ever," said one insider cited by the publication.

Levine reportedly is "over" Cyrus, added the source.

"Adam does not really want to return if they bring Miley [Cyrus] back."
While Levine hasn't announced any timeline for his departure, he has offered up a few names when it comes to who could replace him on The Voice as a coach.

"Maybe I'd let Bruno Mars in the door," said Adam. "We'll see how many kids Justin Timberlake has, if he can handle another job. Maybe Justin can do it. And yeah, that's pretty much it."

As for what's kept Levine on the show for so long, it's allegedly the money. He reportedly has ranked as "one of the highest paid coaches on the show," according to the media outlet.

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