Noah Cyrus, Miley’s Little Sister, Makes Musical Debut With New Single ‘Make Me (Cry)’ [Video]

Noah Cyrus, the look-alike and sound-alike little sister of superstar Miley, is on the way to paving her own path to musical fame and fortune. The 16-year-old stunner has finally released her debut new single, “Make Me (Cry),” which has been hyped for months now.

The new Noah Cyrus track features the musical talents of Labrinth, and, as Fox News reports, Miley Cyrus’ sister Noah doesn’t disappoint with her first foray into the music scene. The track, which dropped on Tuesday, is considerably darker and more angst-filled than Miley Cyrus’ early work, but listeners will definitely detect a similarity in the voices of the Cyrus sisters.

Speaking of darker, when Noah Cyrus took to Instagram to tout her new single, she flaunted a darker look herself, after going blonde a year ago. The Instagram photo (and apparent official pic of “Make Me (Cry)”) showed off a Noah that looks like a cross between a young Miley Cyrus and a young Madonna. Check out the track everyone’s talking about, and be prepared for a lot of close-ups of eyeballs and the accentuated sound of dripping water.

Young Noah Cyrus is no stranger to fame, fortune, the music world, or even the studio. As the daughter of legendary country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus and little sister of the epically talented (and uber successful) Miley Cyrus, Noah has been involved in “the industry” for most of her life. Noah Cyrus is even the voice behind the theme for Disney’s “Ponyo,” which she recorded in 2009 alongside Frankie Jonas. However, for all her experience and know-how, “Make Me (Cry)” is Noah’s first official single.

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The newest Cyrus to break into the music scene signed her record deal in September 2015, and rumors of an upcoming album have been dogging her ever since. While working on her fledgling singing career, Noah Cyrus shared a few words about her musical education and the advice she took to heart as a little girl.

“My dad always had me sing alongside him while he played guitar. He taught me how to harmonize to an old song of his, ‘Missing You.’ Writing is the best way to get your mind clear. It’s also a great way to explain your past or what you hope for the future.”

As E! Online reports, Noah Cyrus’ long-awaited new single is “really quite good.” The go-to celeb news site also noted that while Noah’s musical style is a world away from her big sister’s, the pair’s voices sound an awful lot alike.

Cosmopolitan also reported the similarity between Miley and Noah Cyrus’ voices, adding that Noah has been blessed with a huskiness to her tone that Miley lacks. For all of the pair’s vocal and physical similarities, though, Noah Cyrus’ debut single showcases a look into a mind far different than her big sister’s.

In “Make Me (Cry),” 16-year-old Noah touches on the heartwrenching emotions of a difficult breakup with a poignancy far beyond her years. As Cosmo notes, it’s a song that pulls on the heartstrings.

On the other hand, when Miley Cyrus was 16, she was still working her role as Disney’s Hannah Montana.

It has been widely reported that Noah Cyrus’ recording deal, the one that led to her surprisingly deep and heartfelt first single, is a fairly lucrative one for the young aspiring superstar. In fact, Noah is reportedly netting six figures for the work she’s putting in on her debut album.

What’s more? If her freshman album is a rousing success (and with her family fame, looks, and chops, it’s likely to be), Noah has reportedly eked out an option for a $1.5 million advance on her second album. Not bad.

While the world takes a collective moment to digest Noah Cyrus’ debut single, everyone’s just going to have to wait for more; so far, there’s been no word as to when the public can expect Miley’s little sister’s album to drop.

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