'Teen Mom OG's' Farrah Abraham Dishes On Why She Walked Off The Set Of 'Marriage Bootcamp'

Farrah Abraham and her family are now appearing in a season of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition. The reality star claims that she and her family are very relatable, even if others, such as co-star Kendra Wilkinson, beg to differ when it comes to her assertion of their issues.

However, in the April 28, 2017, episode, Farrah Abraham is seen walking off the set of the show and has to be coaxed back by producers. During one of the exercises, the families are given gifts that represent issues faced within their family. Farrah's mother, Debra Danielson, was given a noose to represent the times that Farrah has told her to get out of her life or that she wished she was already dead.

Farrah Abraham didn't take this gift well and instead screamed at her mother about the 2010 altercation that led to Debra's arrest. According to Farrah, her mother had punched her daughter to the point that she was bleeding and bruised, and had chased her around the house with a knife. Debra, however, remembers the event much differently, stating that Farrah had her in a headlock threatening to kill her mother.

Debra was later charged with assault.

Farrah Abraham explained why she couldn't continue to stay with her mother and complete the exercise.

"Why am I raising my voice? Why am I arguing and fighting up against somebody who can't admit to what is really happening and going on in our family history? I get really upset when I'm around liars. I detest people who lie. I can't stand it," she said.

She later told E! News that the fight would come back to haunt the pair on Marriage Bootcamp, something Dr. V already noticed was a core issue that was leading to a breakdown in the pair's relationship.

"There is an episode where we talk about traumatic experiences, my mom and I, and we still cannot get on the same page. So, sometimes between lie detector tests and traumatic experiences, there's just a certain point in time where you're like, 'Somebody does not have the wherewithal to take accountability to even remember things,' and you're like, 'Why do I even want to be around them anymore?' The best narcissists can block things out and act like nothing ever happened to just keep going," she said.

Although Farrah Abraham has issues with her parents (she even said the best word to describe her father was "pansy" in the first episode of Marriage Bootcamp), she also seems to have issues with almost everyone she is around. The mom of one doesn't appear to have any friends and has a very bizarre on-again-off-again relationship with boyfriend Simon Saran. The pair's tepid romance has played out on Teen Mom OG cameras and she insists they are just friends.

She has gone to therapy with Saran, where the therapist has called Farrah Abraham out for her caustic tone of voice. But Farrah will have none of it and seems to think everyone else is the problem.

Farrah Abraham recently blasted her Teen Mom OG co-stars, calling them the "three stooges." She also stated she thought Catelynn Baltierra's husband, Tyler, had cheated on her with a gay guy and that Amber Portwood's pink hair she dons for part of the current season of Teen Mom 2 makes her look like a "cheap hooker."

Amber Portwood eventually clapped back at Farrah Abraham over social media.

"Don't comment on a real woman sweetheart! I gave you family bootcamp lol and I make money on my houses…I don't lose money like your other house. This is why you shouldn't do Cocaine and drink all the time okay honey. Your forgetting things like you know That guy you met online in NY?? Keep it up and I will literally stop all this with one interview and text messages. Don't play with a true Queen sweetheart???? try me!!" Amber wrote to Farrah.

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