Adult Friend Finder Website Hacked: How To Search The Leaked Database Of Emails And Usernames For The Adult Dating Site

Adult Friend Finder has been hit with a data breach 10 times larger than last year’s Ashley Madison attack, and anyone worried that their information may be out will be able to search the adult website’s hacked database.

The website, which is formally listed as, has been around for 20 years as a service to connect people seeking sexual relationships. It advertises itself as “the world’s largest sex and swinger community” and advertises its services across a host of adult websites.

This week the site was hit with what the Washington Post noted was one of the biggest data breach attacks ever, with more than 412 million accounts exposed including many that had been deleted years ago. The details of the hack were not fully clear, including what person or group was responsible or exactly when it may have taken place.

News of the Adult Friend Finder website hack hit the news this week, and was actually forewarned by a Twitter user who noticed the site’s vulnerability.

Officials at Adult Friend Finder noted that they were warned of the vulnerabilities and tried to prevent the data breach.

“Over the past several weeks, Friend Finder has received a number of reports regarding potential security vulnerabilities,” said Diana Ballou, the company’s vice president (via the Telegraph). “Immediately upon learning this information, we took several steps to review the situation and bring in the right external partners to support our investigation.

“While a number of these claims proved to be false extortion attempts, we did identify and fix a vulnerability.”

The data breach that hit Adult Friend Finder also contained information for a number of other connected sites, including,,, OutPersonals, and a number of other dating sites.

This is now the third instance of a major website hack aimed at an adult website in the past year. Last year, a hack targeting Ashley Madison left millions of users exposed.

And in September of this year, the adult website Brazzers was hit with a major data breach of its own that sent personal information for close to 800,000 users onto the internet. The leak contained 790,724 unique email addresses, along with the username and passwords of the people registered to use the site’s forum, Tech Worm reported.

This was different from the Ashley Madison leak in that it did not involve users who actually paid money for a subscription to the website but instead those who signed up for the site’s free forum. After the hack, some users said they understood the risks involved when signing up.

“It’s unfortunate that my information was included in the breach, but that’s the risk you run making an account anywhere on the web,” one user told Motherboard in an email.

But the data breach at Adult Friend Finder is more than 10 times larger than the Ashley Madison hack, which included information for close to 37 million people.

Both the Ashley Madison and Brazzers data breaches hack sent million of people scrambling to see if their personal information was leaked to the internet, as a number of sites hosted the personal information. This led to a number of newsworthy finds especially from the Ashley Madison hack, exposing everyone from church pastors in the south to reality television star Josh Duggar, who ended up spending several months in rehab after his name was made public.

Those who want to search the leaked database of Adult Friend Finder emails will be able to do so as well. The data breach notification site have i been pwned has a list of leaked information that can be searched by either email or username.

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